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  1. Come and try it out one day if you are in the area!
  2. Yes it is a good place to ride. And they have some awsome events.
  3. I had to remove the fuse box on my 05 Brute. the 4wd quit working and run through all the steps with actuators and control c.u.e. but it was the wires attached to the fuse box. The metal connectors rotted out and lost connecton. Quick fix is to install fuse links to match existing size and it works great and it cost 22.00 to fix it. save alot of money and time doing this.and it also eliminates future problems associated with water and mud trapped under fuse box.
  4. This is going to be a great event for quads and trucks come and join the fun and carnage.
  5. This is to announce Bricks 4x4 farm will be hosting Trucks Gone Wild to shoot a video. This will take place June21-23rd at Bricks 4x4 farm in Polar Bluff MO. There will be a $3000 dollar prize for the first truck to make it through the slough, 300feet long. Come on out and get on the video!!!!!!!!!
  6. I just checked it and it showed the site. BricksHome try this one.
  7. Try this if you want lower gear ratio get a coop 45 mod you can view this at SEMO Mudders - Your Online Mudding Community
  8. Trucks gone wild will be at Bricks 4x4 farm June 21 to make a new video. Come and join the fun. www.bricks4x4farm
  9. It is never too cold to for a pond ride. Even if you have to break the ice with your quad!
  10. Hi my name is Travis and I live in South East MO and love my atv, it is a 05 Brute 750, with a H.l. 2"lift kit, 2"wheel spacers, H.L. 29.5 outlaws, H.l. Super duty clutch kit, Dyna jet jet kit, H.L. ecm power pac module, And full snorkels and radiator relocate. I race in competition and ride just for fun. SEMO Mudders - Your Online Mudding Community is my web site but it is under consstruction so don't expect much but you can check it out.

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