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Not hitting Hollister Hills after all

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I had a change of minde , I'm going to Riverfront park new MX TRACK in Marysville. I'll tell you how it went. Oops again , just found out don't have enough money for gas to go to Marysville, and that's just to bad man. I really wanted to go and try out that mx track. I guess I'll just have to settle with Hollister Hills. It's okay for now. I will make an effort next time. See you guys in Hollister Hills Saturday.

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Let me know when you come to Marysville..... Scott also owns the E Street Tack....Im only 5 min. from both of them:biggrin:

Hey great man, I will let you know. I really been wanting to go up there for the longest time, well since I found out the Riverfront atv track was opened for us quad riders. On the 17th of May I plan to go to La Grange. Want to go? I go for the mx track, which us quads can ride on it too. High jumps you need to stay on the track for while to get used on how far you want to jump. The last time I went I didn'r last very much on because I was out of shape and the jumps were a little higher or something. I kept bottoming out. I had an awesome time though.

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I go for the mx track, which us quads can ride on it too. .

UMMMMMMMMM,,,,,,I dont Ride a Quad and most Tracks wont allow a Trike because of insurance Reasons.....Hell,,,,I know Scott and he wont let me on since he took it over....:laugh:

He will though as long as I have at least 5 Trikers that want to race....He will give us our own Class.....But....Try and get 5 together these days:aargh:

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