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2022 Hisun Sector 550 Gas gauge stopped working

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2022 Sector 550, 414 miles on it and the gas gauge reads empty.  I topped off the gas and it didn't change.

There is no fuse that I could find.  No access at the gauge cluster.

Wiring on the top of the tank looks good, properly connected.

Could the sending unit in the tank be stuck or broken?

Has anybody removed the tank lid?  Any tricks?  

Any other ideas?

Thanks for any help,


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  • Ajmboy changed the title to 2022 Hisun Sector 550 Gas gauge stopped working

Two screwdrivers crossed above the center of the unit, with their tips hooked in behind the lugs, and then both used to lever against the other so it turns the flange thingy.

Have you ascertained it is the sender unit faulty ?

When you put it back in, a smear of vaseline/petroleum jelly on the seal will make it go together real nice.

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I have NOT determined that that is the problem for sure.  

I've been inside EFI Arctic Cat snowmachine tanks several times, so am somewhat familiar with the set up, and am curious to look in this one. 

What do they say about curiosity....?

Wish me luck.

I'm going in! 


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Loosen the lock ring it should just lift straight out, you may have to tilt it a little to get the float arm out and as new as it is i bet it will be very clean, but that doesnt mean the electronics havent gone bad.

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"Loosen the lock ring" is the part I'm having trouble with. 

Tried the 2 crossed screwdrivers, the hammer and screwdriver and I yelled all the swear words I know at it.

Won't budge. 

Any other tricks before I take it to the dealer?


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Thats strange it looks like the lock ring just slides to the left, you might try wetting it down good with WD 40 and look around for a screw or a locking tab that might be holding it in place. Also try pushing on the tabs at the same time, sometimes it will bind by just pushing on one. 

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As far as I can see in that photo it should just turn, but a better lit photo might reveal something.. a lock tap perhaps, though that's not usual.

Two big screwdrivers normally get those undone. They can be tight though. Lube might help.

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Mech suggested the other day to "short the wire to earth" 

I ran a jumper wire from the battery, no ground wire, to the red/white wire in the plug.

The instrument cluster lit up, speedo and tach needles jumped, but the fuel gauge did not change.

Time for a new instrument cluster?

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If this fuel gauge is an analogue, with a needle, then it's probably damped and so slow to move. You should get a test light or a small bulb, about two watts would be good, and use that to short the gauge wire to earth, but leave it on long enough to see if the needle works.

If the gauge is digital then it's possible that the ECU could be contributing to your problem, possibly, or in any case it could be a wire broken or shorted to earth.

It's hard to tell without looking at the bike, or a wiring diagram which I haven't been able to find, but the variable resistor in the tank could short towards earth potential for full or empty reading on the gauge. You really do need to get that tank unit out to be completely sure it's not the sender unit.

The lock detent I was looking at was just a bit of dark metal I think. Not white. Check for locking tabs on the retaining ring, then bigger screwdrivers/levers crossed and a steady pressure. Lube helps and lube it all when it goes back together.

I like the "Clydaho" too by the way..  Very good.

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Thanks Mech.

Wd-40 and a little more muscle and I still couldn't pop it loose.  If it's that hard to get off, how much fun will I have putting it back on? I'm tapping out.

It is still under warranty and I've been in touch with a mechanic at my local friendly dealer so he has an idea of what parts I may need when I bring it in next month.

Going to Alaska to work for 3 weeks.  I'll have an update after that.

If you find a wiring schematic for 2022 Sector 550 and can share it, that would be great.👍

Thanks for your help!


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