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Very cool.

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    • By ACLakey
      We pulled together a quick ride and decided that an canyon ride was long overdue. A quick shot of our favorite parking area, we still don't have any shown...scary.

      One of our buddies is trying to decide on what quad he wants so I brought Dad's Polaris 550 XP along so he could get some seat time on it and my Grizzly.

      Looks like a good place for lunch.

      We stopped at a great vista point a little farther down the canyon.

      Someone needs a nap after a long girl friends can wear Nanook of the North out.

      The B-day cound not blow out his candle.

      A great 28mi of God's country

      This stuff never gets old.
    • By ACLakey
      We made a trip into a different part of the Klamath River canyon then hit some trails up a near by mountain. I tried to create a video but I am having trouble with the software, anyways here are some pics and video.
      A good place to stop

      A fun trail

      Good times

      [ame=]YouTube - ‪02-13-10 Ride.flv‬‏[/ame]
    • By RhinoRodney
      Racing the UTVs Saturday afternoon. The Bikes and ATVs race on Sunday. Cash, trophy, and sponsorship rewards. See website for details.
      Welcome to Broad River Adventure Park
    • By rainman
      This a link to some photo's of me and a buddy riding in Rainey River,
      Rainey Creek pictures by Nightowl1352 - Photobucket
    • By quadcrazy
      This video was submitted to the QUADCRAZY Video section by clarkgriswold.
      Description of Video: Multitude of ATVs crossing a river at Prentice Cooper (Chattanooga, TN).
      Video Tags: Prentice Cooper
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