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Quad Runner 250 4x4 Resurrection (LT-4WD)


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Background on this Quad.

Over the past year or so I have been teaching my 7 year old Niece to ride. She loves it, I even went as far as buying her a 2012 Arctic Cat 90cc and getting it up and running. We have a bond, her dad (my cousin) is a deadbeat junkie who abandoned her mother as soon as he found out she was pregnant, so my family has all been helping her over the years. I didn't have a dad or a father figure growing up. That hurts and I didn't want her to feel that way, so I have been taking her fishing, to ball games, aquarium etc etc and now it has progressed into riding four wheelers. So after stopping by the family farm and observing and seeing what I was doing and watch us ride one of our old retired farm hands approached me with something interesting. It seems a few years ago he was making his rounds around his old family farm and came across an abandoned four wheeler in the creek bed on his property. He called the Sheriff, they came and got it and took it. A few weeks later they bring it back to him. They ran the serial numbers, it has/had never been reported stolen. Since it was never reported stolen and it was on his property, as far as they were concerned it was his. He put it in his barn and its been there for 4/5 years now. It was mine if I wanted it. Naturally I jumped at it and picked it up..

Turns out it was a 1997 Suzuki Quad Runner 250 4x4. A bike exactly like the one I had as a teenager. I have decided I want to rebuild and restore it as much as possible to what it was rolling off the factory floor. Maybe I am a little bias but  I think these were some of the best quads ever built. The four wheel drive transmission has always been cool as hell to me. Anyway this is going to be my rebuild thread on the bike.

These photos are from the day I brought it home. The front half of the plastic is in great shape. The back, has been destroyed, I am looking for a replacement. Since the day I have brought it home I have ordered a replacement stock airbox system, a cover for the battery box and a rebuild kit for the carb.




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So I have got her to fire up but she billows out smoke. I am not sure if it is just the old gas or if it is the top end. I am hoping its just bad gas and a junked up carb. I noticed that most of the cables that are supposed to be attached to the carb were disconnected so perhaps that could have something to do with it. I took the carb off and got her cleaned down and put back together with a rebuild kit I ordered a week ago. It cleaned up nice. I am going to wait to put it back on when I get the new choke cable in. Someone had taken it off in its past and never reinstalled it. I am also going to go ahead and just completely remove the plastics. The back half is trashed and the front I will probably just end up selling and ordering all new plastics from Maier unless I find a decent rear half. Anyway removing the plastics will give me more access to the rest of the bike and I am going to be cleaning out the fuel tank and replacing the petcock assembly and vacuum pump next weekend.






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    • By Hagbard
      Gotta love Facebook Marketplace, and the crackheads that you can buy things from on there... 
      Naturally, I'm like "Hook up the trailer, let's go get this pile of eBay parts!" and hauled ass to this dude's house with 3 crisp Benjamins to wave under his nose. Showed up about 20 minutes early to find him and his buddy hastily reassembling the pile of plastics into a semi-presentable quad, using some real sweet bulk bin galvanized hex bolts from Tractor Supply Racing Co.
      Looked it over and handed him the three bills in exchange for a transferrable registration from 11 years ago, and a STACK of handwritten bills of sale from the last 11 years, since apparently no one has gotten it functional (for long). Average ownership period ranges from 6 months to 2 years. Fingers crossed, lads!

      Got it home, and hit it with a healthy dose of bike wash and the pressure washer, more bike wash, a lot of scrubbing, and more pressure washing to get years worth of crud off of it. The entire left side of the crankcase was covered in an eighth inch of caked oil mud, as though there had been a catastrophic loss of oil at some point in the past, because it was nowhere near the drain or fill holes. Totally opposite side. Managed to find the VIN hiding in there and ran it for giggles.

      PO mentioned that he "had it running at the beginning of the season, but it was 'rough' " and that he had cleaned the carb, but it didn't help much. And now it just plain wouldn't fire at all. Kind of threw his hands up and shrugged.  So, after cleaning it up enough to turn wrenches without looking like a Texas oilman, I took off the plastics and started poking around. Found a few fishy spots in the harness where previous attempts at repairs had been shoddily made and hidden with black tape. Sorted those out, drained and filled with fresh oil and a filter, and hooked up a battery. Turned the key, got a green light, hit the starter switch and got a little grunt and squeak out of it, then nada. No light, no nothing. Pulled out the DeOxIt D5 and started pulling apart all the connectors and giving them the business. put everything back together again, turned the key, got green light, and starter cranked! Then nothing again. Started fiddling with the wiring and connections while watching the green light, and saw a flicker when I bumped the 25A fuse holder. Gave it a squeeze, and sure enough, the light came on. Thing was full of powdered remains of spade terminals, so I installed a NOS replacement model from RADIO SHACK that had been swimming around in my toolbox for nigh a decade. Sure of my fix, I tried the starter again, and NOTHING again. More fiddling revealed that the OTHER fuse holder (15A) was the same. Homebrewed another fuse holder from spade connectors and shrink tubing, hooked it all up and everything was good.
      Now that I could crank it, I poured a couple cups of gas in the tank and pulled the plug to check for spark. Good blue spark, once I cleaned up the theretofore fouled plug and gapped it. Screwed it back in, with a healthy dose of ether, and gave it a crank. Not even a wheeze or a sputter. Off with the carb!

      So, I think our old friend PO has a drastically different definition of "carb cleaning" than I do. I'm thinking maybe he wiped down the OUTSIDE of the thing, and was shocked that it had little to no result. That white stuff is a combination of powdered aluminum oxide and near-varnish fuel. Has the consistency of slight dried mayonnaise or white library paste, but no pleasant wintergreen aroma to match.   A quick perusal of the Amazon bargain bin turned up a carb (BST31SS) and non-vacuum petcock for $25, with a caveat that the carb required minor modifications to fit. Four days and a lot of sandblasting and surface prep on the plastics while I waited, the carb arrived today and I drilled out the ferrules for the choke and throttle cables to accept slip-fit cables instead of thread-ins. Other than that, the only difference was a lack of one vacuum port for the petcock, which I had anticipated and purchased a regular old one with no vac diaphragm in it. Safety first, amirite?
      Now with definite spark, and reliable fuel delivery, I started cranking and fiddling with the idle and air screws, managed to get it to fire up - almost literally~ There was a LOT of smoke coming from near the exhaust port on the head, thought I had loose header studs for a minute, then realized it was just more of the old oil mud I had missed while cleaning, burning off between the fins on the head and the exhaust heat shield.
      First fire up - lots of smoke
      While I was changing the oil, I took the opportunity to pull off the access covers and adjust the clutch and valve lash, so I was feeling OK about running it a little more. Got the idle and mixture set a bit better and decided to test out the transmission and shifting a little.
      Testing reverse
      Realized I left the parking brake set, so it stalled out. Oops.  Another thing I did while waiting for Brown Suit Santa to bring my carb was to remove the diff lockout pin from the shifting mechanism and I wanted to see if it worked. Here's the quad, up on the lift, minus the LF wheel (due to a seized cylinder I've since replaced) with range set to HIGH, and Differential Lock engaged. Worked like a charm. Had to holler at the dog who was camped out below the rear tire  Dog under the tire. Again. I think she has a death wish. Or perhaps aspirations of being a jackstand in the pro-leagues.
      Testing Diff Lock in High Range
      Put the wheel cylinder in, (Dorman w38750 for a 1991 Geo Metro/Suzuki Swift was a precise fit and only $10) to replace this crusty POS:

      put the wheel and hub back together, put seat back on and fired it up. Made sure it would start again after turning it off.
      Long Live The King
      All the repairs appear to have been successful all around! I took it out for a quick rip up the street and back, needs a little bigger main jet (it came with a 145 installed, which I swapped out for the 120 OEM spec, but it feels boggy at WOT, so I'm going to experiment a little after I get the airbox back together, but 145 seems like a big jump.
      I'll try to post an update once I have the plastics all refinished and installed next week. Pretty sure it's going to be yellow, no camo or green bullshit for me thanks   Hope you didn't hate my post.
    • By frostydeisel
      Hi everyone, this is my first post so bear with me. I recently purchased a late 80's suzuki quadrunner 250 4x4 (so i am told at least). The guy i bought it from was riding it when i showed up to look at it so i know it runs. He needed to use starting fluid and had to pull start it because the starter would just whirl when you hit the start button. He said he thinks the flywheel is bad. I dont think that is the issue. So i purchased it and took it home and was tinkering with it and i could get it started but only with starting fluid and the pull starter(which by the way is incredibly hard to pull) and when started it would run only while i kept throttling it. So i figure its a fuel problem. So i proceed to clean the petcock and give her new gas and clean the carb and spark plug. When taking off the petcock i noticed the rubber gasket was in bad condition and would need replaced. I decided to go to local autoparts store and get gas resistant gasket maker. when i get back to the quad my neighbor who was helping me(15 year old kid) had decided to take the repairs into his own hands and put it back together and get it started. That kid dogged me. Not on purpose but none the less screwed me pretty good. I didnt lose my temper and i just asked him what all he did. He said nothing just put it back together. Well kids dont always tell the truth. He kinda dropped a screw out of the carb and didnt tell me. He said he stripped the petcock screw and now couldnt remove it. He did drop the stripped screw earlier before i went to store and i found it on the skid plate. well he dropped another screw as well ive come to find out. So i tried to start it and couldnt get it to fire over at all and the starting fluid can seemed to have lost all its propellant magically when i was gone. i decide to take it back apart to where i had it before i left and see that the petcock is missing one of the filters now and that the port on it is blocked with this rusty pebble stuff. Drain out my new gas and take flashlight to the tank and see more of that crud in the bottom. i try to rinse it out but cannot do it. Then i try taking the tank off and cant. its seems i may have to remove the entire motor for that. i also see a spring and o ring on the skid plate when i remove it. very shiny spring and a clean o-ring. Notice the screw next to the idle screw is missing on the carb. checked the parts diagram and see its missing the air fuel adjustment screw. I also see why i couldnt remove the petcock screw as well. the nut that is recessed in the tank where it mounts at is pulled out a little and spins now when i try tightening it up. I could really use a manual guys. can anyone help me or give me advice on how to repair this machine? Any advice on how to operate it as well would be appreciated. I dont have any experience with this type of quad. Dont understand the decompression thingy and dont understand the starter just whirling.
    • By Thortobe
      Hi to everyone! I have problem with my 2012 KQ 750 axi So the problem is that everytime when go to the L gear 4wd, atv starts to sputter, like seen on this video     This problem does not happen when in H gear 4wd or 2wd So, tried the same eliminate the 15-th pin (red-green wire) and…it did, works only when atv is riding on dry conditions. Took the pin out of the socket, did not cut it. Today went to drive in swamp and when i used L or R gear it sputters and the only way to drive is to use override button. So, i`m pretty sure that the problem is moisture/water but where is the specific wire or connection?!?! Some guys have told that voltage regulator near gas tank might be the problem, some have said that buy a new sparkplug wire and so on… Has anybody ideas where to start looking? Thanks for thinking with me!
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    • By WantToBe
      I got a quad at the right price... FREE 

      I have to repair the brakes and engine so I gotta take off the plastic, BUT that's the issue. The handle bars bracket has got me stumped. When I remove the handle bars you can see a 6mm bolt in the bracket so me thinks unscrew that and all should be sweet. I unscrew it a good 25mm/1" and it feels like there is still more to go but the bracket is still rock solid. I would have thought the bracket would show signs of movement.

      Anybody can confirm I should keep unscrewing the 6mm bolt? I doubt I should be unscrewing the steering shaft itself just to remove the plastic.
      I am a first timer so do not want to stuff anything up
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