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Need some help from CA peeps!


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I found a ds450 (unfortunatly its not a kfx :frown:) but its really cheap..like 6000..which some people may think is alot but no one goes down that much around here..can anyone tell me how much tax and title/license would be? Im guessing shipping would be around 350 but would a dealer ship it to me in louisiana? Even after shipping/tax/title/license its still like 600$ cheaper than buying a kfx right by my house.

EDIT..found a kfx for 6200 with free shipping..oh snap..too bad my parents dont sign for the sale of house till next thursday..and ends in 4 days..AHH why !!! k scratch that anyways ..says paperwork has to be done in dealership and i live like ..800 miles from it -.-

x2EDIT: found a 07 brand new honda 450 for 5699...good 200 miles but thats nothin for the price..tempting.

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Tax's depend on the Area you live in....Shipping is closer to 500.....Im gonna Bet that it will be Cheaper to just buy Local.....

Where can I find out how much the sales tax is? Ive seen some dealers advertise like 6% in other states..my local kawasaki dealership said 9% for them..but is that 9 for louisiana? Because i think im going to buy a bike out of state..so id have to pay 9 instead of what ever mississippis sales tax is?

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Where can I find out how much the sales tax is? Ive seen some dealers advertise like 6% in other states..my local kawasaki dealership said 9% for them..but is that 9 for louisiana? Because i think im going to buy a bike out of state..so id have to pay 9 instead of what ever mississippis sales tax is?

Short note..does anyone know why the hell the 2008 trx450er weighs 390 lbs? what is up with that?! :mad:

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Maybe wet weight.

coolant, oil, fuel etc weighs 40 lbs? Wow ..i had no idea..if thats true i may be after one..found one for 6200 and darn kfx450s are only going down to 6999 .+ i LOVE the blue/black trxs..i'll have to find out this whole weight thing. Thanks for replies

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Buy one from Oregon......There is no Sales Tax:wink:

Just do a GOOGLE search on sales Tax in different States......It also goes by Counties too.....

Wouldn't do any good because you don't pay sales tax in any state but your own..but when you bring it back to your state to register it you pay tax

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One gallon of oil weighs about 6.84 pounds.

One gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds.

1 gallon of gasoline equals 5.8 to 6.5 lbs.

1 gallon of ethanol equals 6.59 lbs.

What else is there?????

I'd add that up if I knew exactly what was put into the bike..lol like a 3 gallon tank so like 18 lbs + ..you dont put in a gallon of oil do you? My friend said around 390 curb weight sounded about normal..i feel little better about that now..i just hope i can find a blue/black one in stock

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