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Stuck clutch!!

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So a costumer braught in a 2018 general and the damned clutch wont come off.......       I had one of the old style polaris pullers so i packed the shaft with grease and ran the bolt in. bolt got tight smacked it with my purse. didn't budge.   so I had the correct puller ordered and got it in today "Super atv"  greased the bolt shoved it in tightened by hand and what do you know puller bent when hit with impact now its useless so yep thats where im at.   gonna order another puller but i dont see a factory tool.    thaughts?

IS it ok to heat the primary on a polaris?

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just kept packing with grease and thread taping the puller after about five more attempts it finally popped with enough force to take someones head off lol. i did not use heat just did the insanity thing and kept trying over and over again. thanks for advice!!

also took everything fron a 1lb hammer to a 10lb sledge wouldnt pop till it wanted to.

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Sometimes it just takes a lot of tension and time and lubrication to soak in to get it to pop off. I know the sound, sometimes it sounds like a gun going off when they pop free. I have destroyed pullers by getting in too big a hurry, I have had good luck with the air hammer along with the puller.

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