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New Florida ATV Park & Events!

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Welcome bunnellgirl!

You should post this infomation in our TRAILS section.

I'm sorry! I thought I put this in the right place! I'll post it in the trails section too.

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Welcome to the sight. I'm glad you found us, thanks for the info on the new park. I hope you choose to stick around, this is a very fun sire. Lots of great people.

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Just Add Dirt Event at MudMuckers, see the schedule of activities below


Visit Just Add Dirt Off Road Ride Areas and Parks

for more information and for full list

of events and activities.

Friday, June 18th


Vendor set up


Check in/Trail riding all weekend


Register for events:

Loudest stereo

Treasure hunt

Highest ground clearance

Mud race ($25.00 entry fee)

Obstacle course ($10.00 entry fee)

Show bike


Balance contest (big teeter totter)

8:00 pm-??

LIVE BAND Night ride

Saturday, June 19th


Trail riding


Treasure hunt


Show bike


Obstacle course racing

(100% payback of entry fees, no points)


Mud racing

(100% payback first three places each division)

Announce winners of Loudest stereo/Highest ground

Clearance/Show bike


Announce winners of Miss Mud/Worst Stuck


Sunday, June 20th


Trail ride


Vendors out

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Less than 12 days until the event, got your mud bike ready??? $10,000 on the line.........

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We at JUST ADD DIRT would like to thank the sponsors for our Mud Race in advance for supplying gift certificates and items for the Treasure Hunt as well as adding interest to our event. For all who read this, please give this list some consideration, as these businesses are solid behind our sport:

St. Johns Powersports featuring Polaris and Yamaha Vehicles

Submarine Snorkel's providing two $100.00 gift certificates for the treasure hunt per Race

Action Powersports

Scott USA Discount coupons for each event

Ricochet, Gift certificates

RubberDown Customs, Gift Certificates

All Balls Racing, Gift Certificates

ODI Grips, two sets of Rouge Lock on per race

Tiger Tail, Gift Certificates

Cajun Tie Downs, Gift Certificates

KFI Products, Gift certificates

Race-Driven Brakes, gift certificates

Special thanks for the staff at MUDMUCKERS, for the outstanding effort in putting on a great show.

I hope to see many of you there.................


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I received email from Billy and Gadget showing their work on the obstacle course, they have put a lot of effort into this one. I think all will be impressed, there will be logs, barrels???, jumps, hills and MUD. You may have heard or even experienced the MUD at MudMuckers, and this event is sure not to let you down. It is some of the thickest clay based "wet concrete" that you can find in Florida.

We have many "treasures" for the hunt, so be sure to bring a GPS and the instructions of how to use it. There will be other challenges for all to have a great Father's Day week end. Make sure DAD gets the week end he wants for Fathers day..........attend MudMuckers for the second leg of the Just Add Dirt $10,000.00 Race series.


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Event Video:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvy5xJJ7oAY]YouTube - Mudmuckers Video no ads.wmv[/ame]

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