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ORBA announces cancelation of the 2009 SuperShow

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    • By atvgenius
      ATV Genius is the nations largest retail powersports distributor. What sets ATV Genius aside from others is we not only supply to dealers but we are also open to the general public. Wholesale ATV buys directly from the manufacturer, we cut out the middle man. Not only allowing us to save you money but allowing us to offer higher quality, longer warranties, and rare sought after vehicles.
      We pride ourselves in our friendly, family like service & sales you will receive when coming into one of our stores. We also have higher experienced service techs that will not only be assembling your vehicles but servicing them as well.

      Interested in becoming a dealer, or buying for yourself? Contact us today! Reduced prices!
    • By Fish0rDie
      Was told there was some good information on this forum, so I'm here engaging in some good ole conversation haha. Bought a buggy aka shitcart for 100 dollars. Thing was a woods toy for the past owner. Used and abused until she went boom and was left in a field to die. All things considered that may be an exageration, but the top end of the warrior 350 that was on board was absolutely mangled. Piston and head assembly were totaled. Have a new jug, piston, and head assembly, but struggling to get the crankcase back together without the transmission binding. Can share pics that are on my phone if anyone is interested in seeing this shitty story unfold.
    • By LT-4WDinNY
      So I live in WNY and have been riding 3 wheelers since we bought a couple Big Reds new in 1982!  I have a vast collection of 3 wheelers... 85 ATC70, 70 US90 Aquarius Blue, 83 ATC110, 83 ATC185s, 83 ATC185s w/PK Rear Suspension Kit, 81 ATC200, 85 YTM200ERN, 84 YTM225DX with Reverse added,  85 ATC250ES Big Red, 82 ATC250R, 82 ATC250R with Hondaline 300 Kit, 86 ATC350X rider, and a 85 ATC350X... "the Hondaline Special!"   If anyone has 3 wheeler issues or questions, feel free to replay here!
      However, I do have a couple token 4WDs... an 87 and a 89 LT-4WD Suzukis.  I am currently working on replacing the one-way starter clutch in my 89.  What a pain!  WAY too many items to be removed to access the left side cover.  However, doing better than what the Suzuki manual says... they say to remove the motor!  I was able to do some engineering fanangling... lol
    • By Gunny
      Been a short tracking season this year. But I was able to get one more ride in before the snow melted at the lower elevation which makes it so I can't get to the higher elevations where there's still a lot of snow.
      Hope you enjoy the video ...
    • By Rich1028
      We picked up two more quads
      We Just Picked up two Quads Friday,and we took them out riding,great machines!
      2008 Honda 400 Ex and a 2014 Honda 400 X 

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