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If anyone is looking for a good atv stereo check outatvtrailtunes

i will give any member to this site a $10.00 discount on any system we have in stock. If you have 500 post here i will add $5.00 more off.

Just pm me before you buy and i will set it up.

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That's pretty cool. I'm posting the pics of it on the atv off your website....



Yeah that was a customer that wanted xm radio on his he already had the xm in his pick up so he just got a extra docking station and a otter box and mounted it to our pipe.

He said it works real well gets signal in the woods very good. You don't need to go that far a cheep mp3 with fm radio is what i use. These thing last great and there is no one it the mud and water anymore that me we are mudders and we have not had any trouble with the stereo's. Even if something happens two years down the road you can replace the

amp or the speakers pretty cheep and that is about all that can go bad.

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Yes all wires are sealed up tight the are water resident but not 100 % waterproof. He is correct about the discount we like people to be involved in there ATV website so we reward them for doing so. You could put strobes on the front but we will void the warranty i really don't want someone wiring on them if i am warranty them. The fuses are the correct size for the amps and will not pull any more load. If you were to up the fuse size then you run the risk of blowing you amp if you would get a power surge. We have 80 or so of these out and only had one back so far so i would say most people like them for the cost.

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