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  1. I don't know, my 1992 bayou 220 doesn't do that but if i'm going real fast in third gear to get up to speed and then let off the gas a little bit, not all the way, just a little it will start sputtering out so i have to either slowly climb up to the speed I want and leave it there or get up real high and then back off all the way and then get back into the throttle a little to find the speed I want. Also does anyone know how to adjust the cluth on this thing?
  2. How does the ADC work, is it built into the brakes or does it work through the drive system?
  3. I accidentaly click things all the time.
  4. Some one should think of setting one up in South East Texas.
  5. South Caroline is to far for me, I live in Texas.
  6. My friend did that until he jumped a table top and the four wheeler landed on top of him and crushed his ribs and busted one of his little buddies down south.
  7. ya thats what I was thingking but how did he do it at 15mph?
  8. O, also the yamaha rhino was claimed to be very dangerous and yamaha is getting sued over it so a polaris ranger would be more suited for you if you must have a UTV.
  9. O, i'm sorry, I have one and they are real good on trails, they are very strong, this means that it could easily plow your driveway, since it has a solid axle you can tow alot of wood with it, I haul a 18 foot trailer around the deer lease with mowers and other stuff. The honda foreman is very well made and at Great River Honda in Mississippi you can get it for $5500, the back rack is pretty big and can haul a deer if you kill one. At my deer lease down here in Texas there is alot of mud and my foreman is real good for the mud, just get some ITP Mud Lite's. Thats just my two cents.
  10. I have a 2003 arctic cat and its all analog
  11. yeah, it's mostly mud boggin so you have to have good mud tires, Outlaws, Itp 589's or mudlite's, vampires, all of those famous mud tires you have to get. I like the itp mud lite's because they are good on the road and the mud until you wear them down.
  12. depends what you mean by trails, it is mostly mud riding down here, you can't go on a trail usually without it leading to a big mud hole.

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