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I don't know if they sell the head pipe separate from the whole system or not;but I got a full system FMF exhaust for my 250X(uses the same exhaust as 300EX)for around 300 bucks.Hope this helps

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    • By toonces
      Just got my first 4x4 ('11 700 Grizz) and I'm entirely unfamiliar with anything aftermarket. Does anyone make a second passenger seat for the '11 700 Grizz like I've seen on some of the Polaris 2 ups?
    • By Miri
      Hey guys
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    • By Wolverine79
      So I want to sell my 2000 Honda 300EX but really not sure what it is worth..
      Is is in mint condition and has many mods which include custom red plastics, nerf bars, handle bars, grab bar, DG Exhaust and a few other things.
      Here is a pic:

    • By kaptainbutler
      I have a FMF Powerbomb Header, FMF Powercore 4 Exhaust, K&N Filter and a Dyno Jet kit. Powerecore has a decent dent in the side from a wreck, but I dont think it is affecting the inner flow, the cylinder inside seems to be just fine. However, Im getting spanked everywhere except a little on the low end. I even had a factory get me the other day on a straight away race. The only thing he had done was remove the baffling. I thought I had a pretty good combination, what am I dont wrong. i am at a wall and can not get it tuned in. Thanks ahead for any suggestions.
    • By Bluesaleen01
      I have a 05 300ex, i ride for about an hour when its good and warmed up and during the end of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd gears it putters out. Rides fine before its really hot, kinda stumped. Changed cdi, still doing it. Rejetted, still doing it. New plug and actually new carb too. I also have white bros pipe and kn filter. Valves are moving good. Thanks