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  1. the manual should have a good explanation as well
  2. Looking for a headpipe for my HMF Slip on and a front bumper. got anything?
  3. yes any respectable dealer should honor that warranty. Id call around and keep yelling. Im sure you will get your way eventually. Anything is better than 1200 bucks. even half off or free is even better.
  4. I have a 2005 300ex. Bought it brand new in Feb. 2008 as a leftover model, I got it reaaaaaally cheap. I showed up to buy a 450r and left with a 300ex cause it was 6k cheaper. im pleased with it, it does everything I need it too. mods: HMF Slip on, Shock covers, jetted, moose handguards, and maxxis razr2 tires. putting the tires on today. hopefully test them out after work tonight, im excited. I will post my input on them after I test them. Thanks to stoopidbot for helping me with my tire decision. Im confident I will be happy with my choice.
  5. a recon 420? do you mean the rancher 420? i thought recons only came in the 250cc es and standard models, 2wd
  6. nice vids man, my 300 would get stuck in that for sure...
  7. My name is mike, I ride a 2005 300ex. Im from eastern pa and ride the RAC land most of the time.

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