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  1. Riding in the creek. It was February and the water was COLD! Yamaha big bear ATV in the creek going deep
  2. It is a '97, same as yours. Don't have any other pictures though.
  3. I had the same decision to make and initially wanted a rhino/ranger/mule. I got an ATV instead and couldn't be happier. They are much cheaper and can go more places than the UTV. I hook up a trailer to haul wood/dirt/rocks/whatever and it works great. I still think I would like to have a UTV but I really wouldn't have much use for it to justify the cost.
  4. Ok I figured it out. The nut at the bottom of the steering shaft was loose. Good thing they put a pin in to keep it from falling off. I guess I should have looked there before posting this but now if someone else has an issue they can find this post.
  5. I have a 2003 Kodiak 400 4x4 that has quite a bit of play in the steering compared to other quads. It is not the tie rods or ball joints as they do not move at all when the handle bars are wiggled. Is there an adjustment or something I can check? Thanks!
  6. Taskers gap trail 495 George Washington & Jefferson National Forests Lee Ranger District - Maps & Brochures - Off-Highway Vehicle Brochure http://www.quadcrazy.com/listing/view/id_163/title_tasker-s-gap-atv-ohv-trails/
  7. Got new wheels and tires yesterday.
  8. Thanks, it is an old ranch hand bumper, I call it the "mad max" bumper. I obviously needed to fix the bumper and since the previous owner had hit a deer @ 65mph the front end was all messed up. Even if I had gotten a factory replacement or used bumper it wouldn't have lined up right with out a awful lot of work. I didn't want to spend a lot as I only use it as a farm truck and to go to the dump so the heavy duty front end works as I'm always banging through the woods and fields. The ranch hand bumper on craigslist cost me $200 and took care of any/all issues with gaps/alignment/etc. Any more deer run-ins will likely be fixed with a squirt of the hose and a can of flat black. I have a total of $1700 invested in this truck and it runs really strong with the 350 vortech.
  9. I bought it like this and have less money in it than half what a used quad costs.
  10. Hi, I have a 2001 big bear 400 4x4 and was wondering what kinds of fluids I need to use. The guy I bought it from said it had all synthetic so I would like to stick with that. For the engine oil can I just used mobil 1 or similar synthetic? What about the differentials? Thanks! -Brian
  11. Thanks! It is a 2001. I will post up a review when I get some time.

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