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Should I buy a new Ford or Dodge half ton Crew Cab 4x4 in the spring?

Dodge or Ford Crew Cab half ton 4x4?  

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  1. 1. Dodge or Ford Crew Cab half ton 4x4?

    • Dodge
    • Ford

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I need to replace my 01 GMC Yukon. Nickel and diming me to death. I'm leaning towards a new Dodge. The Ford is my second choice. Here is what they look like.





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There is a reason why the Ford F-150 has been the best selling pickup for 32 years in a row. I say that being a Chevy guy myself. I would personally lean toward the Ford between the two, but I would still drive then both before you make your decision. That is if you haven't driven them already.

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BB that is a hard choice I love them both. I think that even though I am a Ford guy most of the time, I would get the Dodge. I really enjoyed the Dodge Truck I had. The are both very nice trucks though.

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I work for the Gov. and we bid out all of our Vehicles....Over the last 15 yrs I have driven them all....I have to tell ya,,,,The F150 by far has been the most reliable so far. We get rid of them at about 100K miles. That happens about every 2 yrs..Seems like the Mechanics are busy on everything but the Fords...:laugh: Just yesterday at work I had to Pull out KW Loaded 5 Yard Truck with my GAS F250 Work Truck....Wish I would have gotten a Picture of that:skeptic:

But I own a F250 PSD and Im on my 5th Turbo....:confused:

Its a Crap Shoot!!!!!!!!

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I really like the Chevys...
I used to be in that group. The last 4 Chevys I've owned have been Nickel and Dimers.

I've drivren both Ford and Dodge. I like both. The Dodge has better deals and Dealerships.

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We have always had good luck with our Chevys and fords. I really like the body style of the Siverado... Why don't you get the F150 Raptor!?!?!?!

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We have always had good luck with our Chevys and fords. I really like the body style of the Siverado... Why don't you get the F150 Raptor!?!?!?!
Ford dealer don't wheel and deal around here. Like the new Ford Raptor. The Dodge dealer will give me two grand more for the Yukon than anyone else.Plus four grand more for trading in a clunker.

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are u looking to get the dodge ram laramie like the one picture? if not i would go for DODGE you have to love the 5.7 liter hemi...Not saying ford is bad i love fords....i just do not have the feelings for ford as i do dodge

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