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  1. I think I have it fixed.I took both the kill switch and the Procomm cdi box off and reset the carb fuel screw to the orig settings as per the jet kit instructions.It still cut out intermittently at high rpm.I was messing with it and noticed the clear inline fuel filter I had installed about 1 !/2 yrs ago wasn't staying full.I set the fuel petcock to prime and it ran better.I ended up taking the petcock off and apart and found some fuzz around the pickup screens.I cleaned out the fuzz and installed a new fuel filter and it runs good now.I'm gonna reinstall the parts I took off and see if the problem was just the fuel restriction or not.Do you think I should put in a bigger main jet when I put the cdi back on?Thanks for the replies!
  2. My '07 Arctic Cat DVX400 has a fuel petcock that's like your Vinson's.As long as you have it in either "on" or "res" during storage/transportation you'll be fine.It's setup for when vacuum is applied it opens and allows fuel flow.If it's like mine it gets the vacuum from the carb.When it's in the "prime"position it flows with or without vacuum.Hope this helps
  3. Thanks for the reply.I tried to edit the title after posting but couldn't get it to go through.That wiring diagram isn't for my machine.I have a 2wd DVX400 sport quad.It has the same engine,frame,suspension,etc as the Suzuki LTZ400.I looked in the Artic Cat section before posting and it was all 4wd posts.That was why I put it in the Suzuki section
  4. I'm putting this in the Suzuki section because my machine is essentially a Suzuki LTZ400and there's more traffic/knowledge in this section. (moved into Arctic Cat Forum..by ajmboy) I have a 2007 Arctic Cat DVX400 and I recently installed a Pro Design tether kill switch-normally closed(I think;it grounds when tether is pulled)and a Procomm cdi box(+1K rpm & different ign curves).I installed the kill switch as directed(one wire to ground and one wire to trigger positive) and I richened the a/f mix screw as a precaution.I went and rode a couple hard,high rpm test rides and it started cutting out and died.It was very hard to restart and when it does restart it sounds as if a valve is sticking open and it doesn't want to rev for a little while.I got worried and reinstalled my oem cdi and it does the same thing.It runs fine at low/mid rpm and doesn't make any strange noises either.What do you think I screwed up?Please help;thankyou
  5. Update-I ended up getting a set of Renthal standard size(7/8") oem bend handlebars and some Smith Optics brand grips from a local dealer.It feels different from stock;but I'm still not 100% comfy.I'm really thinkin about trying the Rox riser.Here's a link ATV Handlebar Risers I also recently got a new front bumper,cooler rack,nerf bars,steering stabilizer(Streamline-thanks 'Bot),hour meter,and tether kill switch.I also finally got a new digital camera so I'll be able to get some pics up soon I hope.I almost forgot-if anyone is needing/wanting new handlebars;Renthal has a deal goin on if you order/purchase new Renthal bars(fat or skinny) by August 1st and go on their website you get a pair of limited edition bar pads FREE
  6. I'm needing some new handlebars since I rolled my 2007 DVX/LTZ400 last December.I was hoping I could get some good ideas/info from others who's bought aftermarket bars.I'm 6 feet tall and the factory bars have always felt too low.From what I've read the factory bars are the CR Hi bend;is that true?What real benefits do the oversized 1 1/8" bars give?Which has a better vibration dampening effect;steel or aluminum?Do the antivibe steering stems really do much compared to stock?Would I be better off getting a steering damper and leaving the stock stem alone?I do all types of riding;everything from woods/trail to sand dune&mud running.I've been using some padded palm gloves to reduce the vibe it has already.Thanks in advance
  7. I've got Nextel service(for now;thinkin about goin to AT&T) and a Motorola i850 phone.I love the direct connect but hate how it doesn't get service in alot of places(my house,Badlands atv park,Walmart,Lowes,Big R,etc,etc)Does anyone who uses AT&T have good things to say about the AT&T's PTT feature?
  8. I have used one on my Arctic Cat DVX400.I installed a full system exhaust and an air intake kit on it.The exhaust I bought came with a jet kit;but it was only a selection of main jets.I installed the recommended main jet and at idle the headpipe turned orange hot(similar to right before you apply air on a cutting torch) and it shot flames out the muffler even w/ the spark arrester in:mad:.I ordered a dynojet kit and it came with the main jet selection,an adjustable needle(oem was non adjustable),a drill bit for the fuel screw plug,and some very well written instructions.I installed the stage 2 setting of the dynojet kit.It now never turns colors and runs very well;excellent throttle responce,no bog,the e fan doesn't come on as often,and I'm getting better fuel economy also:biggrin:.I've read a jet kit helps a stock machine but have no personal experience on that.Hope this helps
  9. I don't know if they sell the head pipe separate from the whole system or not;but I got a full system FMF exhaust for my 250X(uses the same exhaust as 300EX)for around 300 bucks.Hope this helps
  10. If I were you;I'd make sure to get something with reverse.The 400EX didn't have reverse until a couple years ago.Another thing;if you go to the Kelley Blue Book website ( www.kbb.com ) you can see what atv's are worth before you go and pay too much.Hope this helps and welcome to the site
  11. Yeah;I have Socom for the PS2 but haven't played it on the PS3 yet.You owe it to yourself to play Pure.I rented it and was fairly close to beating it within a couple wks.I think its a game that's replayable over and over
  12. Cool!I'll see about maybe gettin hooked up this week.I dunno how much I'll be on though;I'm on call at my job this week.What games you got?I have GTA4,NFS Undercover,and Uncharted:Drakes Fortune.I was renting a bunch when I first got it but I've been trying to save up for some quad parts I need/want.BTW did you do all the upgrades to your 460EX or have a shop do it?I'm lookin at a 435 kit for the DVX but also thinkin about trade in for a KFX450R-unsure what I want to do
  13. I picked up a 120G PS3 after Xmas but haven't gotten it connected to psn yet.What all is required?
  14. I've gotten parts from Rocky Mountain,Bikebandit,Motosport,and Cabela's.I like the specific explanations that Rocky Mountain gives better than Motosport;but I've gotten better prices through Motosport.I like the parts fiche on Bikebandit.I still haven't found a jet kit for my '91 Honda 250X.I've checked almost all the major companies that build/sell jet kits;not just the places that sell them.If someone could help me out I'd be very grateful
  15. Did you check for blown fuses and/or fuseable links?

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