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  1. I just bought an 03 ltz400 and I changed the oil, but I cannot find a dipstick or clear view place to check oil level, the dealer told me how much to put in, but what if its burning oil and I dont know any help would e greatly appreciated.
  2. So far so good, I just did the oil and filter, emptied gas tank put fresh fuel in, and lubed the chassis. Going riding sunday again so far I am loving it.
  3. Now I gotta get a hitch and a trailer for those longer trips
  4. Enough to pay off the credit cards and buy my quad. had to pay off the cards to make the fiance happy lol
  5. tell my fiance that women love to ride lol I cant get her to go with me just for a liesure ride she thinks its way to dangerous
  6. Ok so I bought a 2003 ltz400 I looked at a lot of bikes asked a lot of questions and kept coming up with crap. The first I looked at was a gas gas 300 but the bike had electrical problems, the second was a mint ltz 400 guy didnt have a title, registration, and would not give me the vin number so it was probably stolen, then I looked at a few worked 300ex's but was not impressed at all, then it was a kfx400 but emergncy brake didnt work dead battery , ect. then I found another ltz400 went to the house checked the motor it was cold he couldnt get it started. Apparently this guy only rode it once since he bought it 2 years ago i thought it was a little wierd but it checked out there was no gas in the bike so i bought a gallon of 93 and threw it in warmed it up started fine idled fine oil was super clean i mean it really looked like he bought the bike from a dealer rode it once and then had no more time. So Im super happy and going to the lost trails in pa the sunday after easter maye Ill see some of you guys there
  7. So I had to wait almost 2 months for it, but I finally got it a 2003 suzuki ltz400 all stock besides wheels and tires, low hours, really good condition:biggrin:, 1900 bucks plus oil filter and lube so total at 1925. I am going up to the lost trails in P.A. the sunday after easter, anyone who is interested in going can meet us there, hope to see some of you guys.
  8. what type of questions should i be asking, I know the basics oil changes, lube chassis, work done. I want to buy stock that way there is less of a chance that somebody beat on it.
  9. Have you ridin a 400? If so how does it compare to the 250r power, top speed, handeling, ect.
  10. Thats is the opinion I am starting to get from most so its gonna be a 400. The only reason I like the idea of the 250r is weight. The lighter the machine the easier it is to throw around in the trails but we do take it slow every now and then so I dont feel like changing plugs in the middle of the woods, plus if I do stall I dont want to have a kick start to be playing with all the time.
  11. I looked at some of those chinese made atvs they are crap inside and out. which quad has a lower center of gravity the 400ex or the ltz400 I want something that handles really great for woops and trails Im in New jersey so not to rocky plus the trails are very visible and upkept well. Oh does anyone in this ride in nj my buddies and I are always looking for more people to ride with. ( responsible only no wheelies across or down roads, keep it quiet around houses it is illegal where we ride and the cops dont give us grief because me make every effor not to be obnoxious)
  12. Well I gotta wait for my tax return to come in then Im going to look for the honda 400ex, I have also started looking at the suzuki ltz400 but my friend said suzukis are not the best machines they break down a lot. I cant really see this since they have been making them for so long I mean quality control guys must get fired for doing things wrong ( or maybe thats just the way I think).
  13. Is it smarter to buy a used 400ex or 250. From what I have read they feel similar and the 250r would handle better because of its lighter weight . I also have read that It is a lot more maintnence to upkeep a 2 stroke.
  14. Hey everyone, I am new to this forum, and new to riding. Here is what happened, I just started riding with my friends last summer, Using their machines to get an idea of what i want, but i am more confused than ever. Here is what I have been on and my feelings about them Raptor 660, speed and tourqe feel good and controlable but the thing handles like a brink very top heavy. Yzf 450 This thing is insane fast, honestly way to fast for me the throttle is like an on off switch, handles incredibly very balanced. honda 300ex way to slow factory tires make it handle poorly. I have also road some dirtbikes mainly ktm 200 2 stroke. I like the feel of a 2 stroke motor, I do however like the reliability of a 4 stroke. Im not looking to spend a ton on a quad but I want to have fun I dont want to be bored and not keeping up with my firends. Oh I had road a utility quad, and hated every minute of it except the thing keeps you really dry when the tracks are flooded. Help we ride train tracks flat ground, woops, and trails. Every dealer I go to just wants me to buy their brand and doesnt give informative help just trying to sell me a quad.

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