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    • By wylde1
      I have been called out by some new ATV Goon Named Billy Roost. I need to show this young punk what being a goon is all about. He thinks a couple donuts in the sand and a bunch of F-Bombs makes him a Goon. That does not work. I will post my video and you need to watch and let me know what you think. I hope you will like it. I broke my thumb at the 0:40 mark then continued to film for the next 3 hrs so my son and I could do the fireworks scene. Then watch his video. and comment that the Wylde1 sent you to piss him off. Here is my video.
      [/ame]and here is his.
      Thanks for everything. QuadCrazy Rocks!!!!!!
    • By hangingon
      I have uploaded my vids from you tube to QC. Now when I do I get a message video not found or something about access denied. What am I doing wrong?
    • By Stoopidbot1
      Here is a quick video from the start of my last race.

    • By Birddog4x4
      Just like the title, added some vidoe's / pictures to my profile! ENJOY.... Learning how to operate within the site.
    • By savageman69
      Here you guys go
      [ame=]YouTube - Cats Go To Welland[/ame]
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