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HMF Sugar Girls

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    • By quadcrazy
      If you are a new member, why not introduce yourself? This community thrives and grows with you and all our current members! We all want this community to grow and encourage new member registrations. That being said please help out QuadCRAZY by inviting other atv'ers to the community.
    • By Admin
      For anyone interested, QUADCRAZY goes back to 2003 so I decided to look us up on https://web.archive.org/
      2003 (images no longer exist on the server)






    • By Resurgence Small Engine Inc.
      In this video, Jonathan checks and adjusts the valves clearances on a Honda Foreman 450. On this unit, the exhaust valve had excessive clearance.   Resurgence Small Engine Inc.      
    • By davefrombc
      This video  of BMW  engines being  manufactured in China very well  illustrates where  all  the  unskilled repetitive  jobs  have gone, and  why  they're not coming  back in America  or anywhere  else.  What  BMW  has  done   in  China  is  being repeated  by every  industry  everywhere. If it  can be  automated, it will  be and except  for  a  handful of  operators the only  people  employed  by those businesses  will  be  tradesmen maintaining  the robots.
      Education  and trades training is  far  more important today  than it  has  ever  been.
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    • By Stoopidbot1
      I would like to thank Quadcrazy for their part in getting me my new pipe. I just received the HMF 2010 pipe. When I received the box it was in perfect condition, and upon opening the box I found the HMF actually spends time packing the box. It was carefully wrapped and secured so there was no movement. From first glance you can tell the superior craftsmanship, beautiful welds and sealing job. This pipe looks flawless. From the extremely shiny end cap to the nice black powder coat on the canister, this pipe looks like a work of art. More info to come as I install.

    • By suzukicutie
      im new to the whole racing thing and of course im a girl, but where can i get into racing in AZ. we just moved and im not new to riding but the racing thing is a whole new thing to me. so if you have any ideas send them my way if you can. thanks. and im only like 14 so it needs to be like jr or teen races.
    • By jjntjohn
      :frown:In 2005 I purchased 2 Polaris Phoenix quads for my girls. The rarely rode until recently when they were bitten by the riding bug. In 2006 a bulletin was put out by Polaris indicating the regulator rectifiers on this vehicle were defective. While my girls didn't ride enough to have the part break during the warranty period, I was never contacted by the dealer (Chaparral Motorsports) or Polaris. As a result, the rectifiers ran high voltage thru the stator and starter motor which are now broken. Chaparral told me this was a manufacturer issue and Polaris told me to go pack sand because there is no warranty left. My girls want to ride. There must be a workable solution rather than paying in excessive of $1200 to fix problems from a defective part. Can anyone give help, advice or suggestions to resolve this problem?
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