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Attention all ATVERS, St Judes fund raiser Dec 5


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    • By Mech
      View File 2022 Texron Tracker Off Road EViS service manual
      2022 Texron Tracker Off Road EViS Service Manual with wiring diagrams.
      Submitter Mech Submitted 11/30/2023 Category Textron Off Road UTV  
    • By PF3
      Rzr has been sitting unused inside garage for about 18 months. Engine started and run about 15 min every 1 or 2 months.  Never any problem starting or running. This week took it out of town to ride for a day. Loaded, unloaded with no problems. After unloading went trailing. After about a 1/2 mile we went down a small kill and started up another hill and engine died. Restarted many times and died each time after only free seconds. Brought it home and started several times with same outcome.  Changed to fresh fuel and started it.  Lasted about 90 seconds (at idle) and died. So we started it several times and revved the engine up and it continued to run (while still revved up) each time until we dropped it back to idle and it died each time. HELP! Please.
    • By Jd101506
      Hi all-
      I’ve got a LT300e that I’m working on.  The last two days I noticed as I’ve been testing it, it won’t turn off with the key. The kill switch still works to turn it off, as does everything else (lights, neutral light, reverse, starter, etc). So I guess I’m taking votes on what to do here… Ignition the issue? Wiring grounding issue somewhere? 
      Not sure where to start so any help would be appreciated! 
    • By BiminiMike
      Hi.  I am looking to purchase an ATV for a Bahamian island called Bimini.  It is 50 miles from Miami.     I am looking for something that will ride the beaches without getting stuck.   There is lots of shoreline with some mangroves, vegetation.   So will probably need 4x4 for that area.  But I ready somewhere that the  the extra weight of the 4x4 in the front of an ATV will weigh down traveling on teh beach and make it more susceptible to getting stuck?      I would think you'd want 4x4 for beach sand.    I would also like to use this ATV to pull a small trailer for bringing trash to the local dump.     I am considering the Honda 420 4x4 with foot shift (dont want to fix ES on an Island).  I am also considering the Honda Foreman for the pulling capacity but I'm concerned that the extra weight of the Foreman will be prone to getting stuck in beach sand.   Anyone have an opinion?   
    • By Boozy
      I have a 2018 Polaris Sportsman 570 EPS UTE, that when idling for a few minutes after being warm will just shut off. When I am riding I have to sometimes give it more throttle just to keep it going. RPMs at idle are around 1250-1300 but if I rev it and let the RPMs drop back down it will either stop around 1250-1300 or it will just shut off. I have replaced the spark plug, fuel pump (28-32PSI was the reason), cleaned out the exhaust for carbon build up (which there was none), replaced the battery, etc. I ended up purchasing a Check Tech and connected it to the machine and looked up error codes from history. One of the error codes that showed up was 636 - CPS (Crankshaft Position Sensor) might be faulty. According to the manual it says that it should be about .46v +- .003 and mine is running at .38. For giggles I took it out and plugged it into another machine and read the voltage and it was showing .45v. Does anyone have any other ideas of what to look for? This issue is driving me crazy. ATV is under warranty so I can get the parts but dealer appointments are a month out.
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