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Please help with wiring on a Honda 200M

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I am trying to install a motor from a 200S on my 200M. It is supposed to be the same thing without the starter. On my 200M, there is a black/red wire (from alternator), which the 200S has also. On my 200M, there are 2 yellow wires, which I think go to the regulator. On the 200S there is a yellow wire and a green wire (from alternator). The 200S has no regulator and no neutral wire. My question is what do I do with the 2 yellow wires from the 200M bike, and the 1 yellow and 1 green from the 200S motor? I'm assuming all these wires are to get the alternator to work. Sorry I could not figure out how to post the wiring diagram from the 200M, the whole manual is to big. Thanks

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I would just swap the stator form the original motor into the new one. You could just keep the chargind system intact, that way you could run the lights without starting the vehicle. You could probably swap the starting system to the other motor by swapping some hardware with it, ie. starter, side cover, flywheel etc.

If there is some reason you can't or don't want to do that, the wires that come from the stator would go to the ignition and the lights. The colors may be different, but the plugs are probably set up the same. If you have a diagram for each motors electrical, you should be able to figure out what goes where. As far as the regulator goes, if you don't have a charging system, you don't need it. I would just remove it from the bike if you aren't going to use the battery and charging system.

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Thank you very much for your response. Man, you really got me thinking now. Ideally, I would love to be able to take the electric starter from the old 200M and put it on the 200S, but I don't know if it is possible. I know the flywheels are different, because I can't take the recoil starter from the 200M and put it on the 200S. Is the starter gear assembly deal that the recoil starter bolts to able to be swapped? If so, what would I do with the neutral light wire, because I don't see a neutral sensor on the 200S.

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I tried to see if I could put the electric starter on the 200s, but it could not be done. I'll just find a used recoil starter for the 200s, because the motor I bought did'nt come with one. I'll just get it running first, and then I'll see about getting the lights to work. I know the green wire from the 200s stator goes to ground according to the diagram I found on 3wheelerworld. I would like to leave the regulator the way it is, because I plan on hopefully repairing the 200m motor. Any more help with wiring would be appreciated.

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I would just swap the stators and use the regulator. The problem is that the regulator is also a rectifier, which changes the A/C current that comes from the stator into D/C current, so the electrical systems are completely different. If you can swap the stator from the electric start motor into the pull start motor, you can just wire it up the way it is supposed to be.

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