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How do I get rid of a new account I made.

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I made a new account because I have not been able to sign in to my old account due to forgetness! Now I have been able to get on my old account & I want to use it. How do I get rid of the new one I just made.:aargh:

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    • By YamahaGrizzly
      Billy went all out and bought N2deep Snorkels, Rubber Down customs Rad kit and Rox speed fx Risers for his Grizzly 700. It took a solid 3 days in the shed to install all this new gear on Billys Yamaha grizzly 700! We cant wait for the next time we get out and go on a run! should be this week actually! gonna be good to get the Yamahas grizzlys and Kodiak together!
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      Does a US made grease gun fit Metric zerk fittings, or do I need a conversion to fit them?  Thanks in advance.
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      I was cut off on a trail last weekend by a guy on an RM250, I tried to get out of the way, but in his panic, he crossed his bike right in front of me and I nailed him good. I ended up with a few scrapes on my left elbow and left rear hip area, a totaled bumper, a punctured tire and my allignment was knocke out of whack. He had a collapsed expansion chamber a sore pelvis, and a puncture wound to hid "unit". I straightened my allignment, plugged the hole in my tire and built me a new bumper out of some metal that I had laying around the shop. I started with a coulple of curved pieces that I welded together, and ended up with what you see on the quad. Here are a few pics of my creation.

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      I made something had makes circlips super to install.
      All it is a piece of steel stock that I ground down to fit in the wrist pin(because I didn't have the right size steel stock on hand so I just took some metal off w/the grinder). Then I drilled a hole about half way through it and hammered a short pin into the hole. Then I ground the pin so it would just fit in the circlip's hole. then put the one end of the circlip in, put the pin on the end you just in. Press press the tool in pretty hard and twist. It makes putting them in a breeze.
      The main handle part ended up being 15/32" and the pin was 1/8".
      Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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      I got time to ride the ltz400 I just got. I pulled in the clutch lever to stop made the stop but the quad still pulls. There is no slipping when I let out the clutch it grabs and goes shifted easy till I pulled in the garage to park it at idle it didn't want stop moving or change into natural till the motor was turned off. I hope it just needs adjusted or nothing more then a clutch kit. ? Anybody used Tusk clutch kits? I seen Barnett for around 130.00 for the plates.
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    • By Admin
      We've redesigned the member account page a bit.
      You can access it here: Account Login » QUADCRAZY ATV Community
      Added "Friends Online" and "Last Online" block.
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