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1994 polaris sportsman

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i have a 1994 polaris sportsman, the electric start does not work, and the lights will not work, it will pull start and the battery is good, just curious what all i can check

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Have you tried the light after you start the quad with the pull rope. My daughters light will not light up unless it's running. Their should be a starter relay also if it goes bad it will effect the current to the starter. Like Ox said look at the fuses it's quick & a cheap fix finding a bad wire will be harder. You could puul the starter and use a battery charger to see if it is turning when you supply power to it. It's just safer and easier with it out of the quad.

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The light does not come on when it is started, the weird thing is at first I could just turn the handle a little bit and the elec start would work but now even tugging on the wires doesn't work and my 4 wheel drive is not engaging, ill check the fuses for but think I have a short, any certain location for the fuses

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usually by the battery. for the wiring, i would check where any bodyworks is sitting on them, and where the handlebars are. look for wear marks, kinks, pinching and bareness ... and the connectors.

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Thanks guys a found a broken wire from my start switch to the lights and connections that is after I took everything off, oh well needed to grease and tighten chain anyway

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