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Dirt wheels has an add for a Redline Revolt if you have not seen or heard of this thing it's pretty cool they have a 72hp model and a turbo model with 100+ hp. single seater & they have a side by side. I checked out the videos after seening the add.

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Indeed, they're awesome. I've saw a couple (one turbod and one not) and the things move quick.

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    • By Gunny
      Took my tracks off a week ago and got the bike ready for some serious dirt rid’in this year ... I hope. :hurrayc:

      I changed the front & rear diff fluids, the gear box fluid, engine oil, filter, put on a new belt (try’in a Gates G-Force this time), new plugs, greased the Bad Boy, and then put all the skid plates back on ... and the tires & wheels of course .... :smilielol5c:

      Decided to drive about 100 miles South of where I live to the Old Pony Express Route in the West Desert by a small township named Vernon. Went out there because I figured there would be less or no snow compared to some other desert places I ride sometimes this time of year. Well, there was plenty of snow to play in & it kept me out of a couple places .... but there is so much area out there a guy could ride for days. :partyc:

      On the way back to the truck I opened her up a little ... at 65mph I decided that was fast enough. However, I could tell she still had more .... so maybe next time ... :woot:

      Saw lots of deer, but only got one to hold still long enough to take a photo. I also saw a few Antelope & the one in the video kept running in the same direction I was riding, so when I got my chance I snapped a photo of him too. :coolgleamAc:

      Had a great day out there and I think I’ll head out there again next week. Did about 46 miles, which put me 2.2 miles short of 1700 total miles on the Canned Ham in less than one years time. I have eight more days before I have that one year on my new bike, so by the end of the next ride, I’ll have about 1750 ... if I push it !! :icon_bsc:

      Hope you enjoy the video .... :cheers2c:

    • By jon1234anderson
      ok so were beating the heat & racing @ night so whats your excuse now ?
      saturday night @ us 19 albany georgia dirt slingers sand drag race ! bring you mud boggers , sport bikes & kids atv's , we will have a class for everyone !
      kids welcome too !
      family fun good people too !
      gates open @ 5pm racing starts @ 6pm
      more info call
      229 456 0647 chris
      229 869 9501 dirt slingers
      Jon W T F Anderson

    • By MIKEL5469
      Sup guys,I guess i just wanted to brag a little bit,my 2001 yamaha raptor that i restored last winter made the july 2011 issue of dirt wheels mag.........thought is was kind of kool

    • By polaris0987
      Hey All, I have a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 700, Looking for some super aggresive Mudder Tires For the swamps in My area??? But to get to these swamps Its a all out race on gravel roads
      Any suggestions For Dust Control??? Dust mask??? Thanks
    • By quadcrazy
      This video was submitted to the QUADCRAZY Video section by XtortYa.
      Description of Video: XtortYa was featured in the Freerider MX mag. 'I NEED U' was the song chosen to be music for the latest Suzuki RM advertisement.
      Video Tags: xtortya riding suzuki music rock hiphop RM freerider rocking