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Welcome to QUADCRAZY! Have a 4 stroker here...

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  •  Like what you are reading? Please help us by sharing this content.
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      What's a good fuel stabilizer to deal with ethanol in gas?
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      Make sure you watch the video in 1080p. And all the ride info is on the video page, so no reason to rewrite it here.
      Hope you enjoy the video ...
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      I have a cannondale cannibal with a 450 kit in it. I just recently switched up the fuel pressure line. Now when I start it or attempt to start it gas pours out of something when I hit the electric start ? can anyone help diagnose the problem? Thanks!
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      just wondered if there were any arctic cat wild cat owners on here and what they think of there machines ..... and if they had any issue/problems with them... thanks ...
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      I have a 1994 Yamaha big bear 350 4x4, it sat for maybe a year, so i recently got it running and it sounds good but when im in neutral and i rev it a little and let off the rpms will stay the same or go higher and will eventually come back down slowly, the cable isnt sticking, and i have cleaned the carb as much as i can from the spray to the fuel additive to clean it, any advice will help thanks!
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