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war on salt


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wow ..is rite ... i would tear it all down and powder coat all the steel parts .. and then paint everything else ..to coat it ... just to keep the salt from eating it away .. make shure you get a good place to dit ware they will sand blast it all and wash or dip it .. to make shure all the salt is gone b4 they coat it ... and any parts that you cand bake with the powder coat i would have them sand blasted or at least wire brush and wast then paint them with several coats of good paint .. then a couple coats of clear ...that way u will have a few layers to help keep the rust away .. for a while ... and with that you say they cost to replace there it would be wrth it in the long run that way ...

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This is a shot of the front nudge bar that has factory powder coat and a bit of my own after market abuse. Its not a real good photo now that I look at it, it does not show how the coating just flaking off.


Id like to strip the Quad down and have it hot dipped (galvanized) but I'm not so confident in stripping the hole thing, stripping it yes getting it back together that's an entirely new subject

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i was watching the speed channel yesturday where they were building the new challengers, i had always wondered why this wasn't being done but then they showed what they did with the frames. they foam sprayed the insides, a 2 part foam, i have worked with that foam insulating and it is awesome stuff. it expands so much and the only precaution you have to do is cover the holes due to sunlight breaking it down ... its light and nothing can penetrate thru it ...

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yes, basically the same stuff/concept. the foam i use is two separate tanks with two separate lines, and mixes at the trigger handle. it's dry in 30 seconds ....

i use the bbq tank style 20lb tanks ....

Spray Foam Kits - Tiger Foam Canada

Looks good Oxi but wont it hold water?. At the moment I put the presser washer on needel spray and spray in all the drain holes to get the salt water out of the inside of the frame and it drips dry for two days or so will it hold water?

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