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  1. Hey im looking forward to getting a new Quad. Im looking at for bikes utility Vs race for starters and Can-am 1000 Vs Polaris 1000 i have videos around so yous can get an idea of my riding style if yous care to check them out and yeah let me know what yous think or what you would bye. thanks
  2. plenty of fuel in the tank. I take it that the fuel is getting to the cylinder
  3. good day steve hows vic I come from down there looking to move back down in a year or two its still a maybe though got to pay overdoes and get a job down there before we make the jump
  4. LOL im doing the same thing this year
  5. completely unrelated I know, but how much lift have you got on that thing and what sort of axles do you run. you wahnt to post some pictures up of it!
  6. Hi I'm thinking of installing a body lift kit on my 02 F-250. Can any one tell me if there is any hidden costs involved for instance, do I need to extend my brake lines, steering collum transmission linkages or wiring
  7. I,ll second that! Nice on the trail and 4WD on the fly. Honda really knew what they were doing when designing this Quad for every one. Hopefully they will release a new model soon.
  8. Oxi I do have a manual for the CF Moto 500 Ill get it to you if you want it for your collection. Im trying to find something more thats all because I need more info on the front diff
  9. hope you have a good time moving and on the forum especially moving... Nice ride!
  10. I d go to a local agricultural supplier that stocks all kinds of parts and tools for ag farms or a store that specialises in bearings. Just get the bearing out take it in and they will find one to replace it. Its also likely to be a lot cheaper to, that's where I go for all my stuff like ball-joints and bearings and the like.
  11. Id get some wheel spacers for me daughters 2009 Suzuki Ozark 250 @ last look they cost $80.oo a pair and we are after two pairs. That should make things a little safer for her. Course at the moment shes like the "Rollover Queen" here is just one of her rollovers. You can see her burn her finger on the exhaust pulling herself back up.
  12. I was voting until like 2days ago the voting box on the website disappeared on me I haven't seen it since
  13. It may end up costing you more than its worth. What size engine is it.

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