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  2. Yup, that sure looks like it. Thanks for the link.
  3. I got my new to me 2011 500 Ranger and it had several accessories installed by the previous owner. I have been to several web sites but can't seen to find these. They are on the front shocks. I am somewhat sure they are load helpers for the plow. Just curious on a brand and exact setting info. Any help appreciated!!
  4. I have been going over it and tweeking the small stuff. So far, it has been really nice. I plan on adding a heater for winter plowing, and a rear bumber just for protection. So far, I like it!!
  5. Well I brought home the new to me ride!! It is a 2011 Ranger 500 EFI with only 5.5 hours and 8 miles. It has a lot of extras already installed! Got a great deal!
  6. Just asking for those that have or have been around them, how well do the diesels do in the winter months? Are they hard to start or do the glow plugs do a good job? Are they reliable? Any other info from folks that know would be appreciated!! Thanks, Ken
  7. I have a chance to pick one up in decent shape. I just plan on using it around the yard. I like the racks front and back. The guy is asking $400. It has sat in a garage for several years and would need some to get it running. Are these a dependable quad once you get them going? Any major issues? Thanks!!
  8. Yup, I think your are right. I really like the fuel injection and IF we resell at some point, I am sure it will bring more.
  9. The wife and I are looking at getting a Ranger next spring. Most of the duties for the Ranger will be, plow the drive, haul some fire wood, use the dump bed for garden waste hauling, haul some mulch and dirt as needed around the yard. I have been looking at the specs for both and here are my thoughts, please give me your opinions. -I like the fact the 500 is fuel injected. I like the fact that the 500 has ith insterments. -The 400 is cheaper, don't really need the extra horse power. I really don't plan on any trail riding, if I do it will be limited. Just want a good, dependable machine. as of now, I am leaning tward the 500 if nothing else than the F.I.
  10. Well like your friend, I too am not going to ride motorcycles anymore. I have too much repair work and metal in me now to chance it. Even riding quads I am sure I will be taking it a little easier.
  11. I know this is a Quad forum and this was on a motorcycle but from eyewitness statements and my brother being only a few seconds behind me here is what I believe happened. I pulled out of a resteraunt where we stopped for lunch. Pulling out I turned right and went up a short hill and into a long right hand turn. For some reason I began to wobble. I wound up standing the bike up and crossed the double yellow. When this happened I struck a car head on. We were both doing around 50MPH so it was about a 100MPH impact. I damaged the undercarriage, the bumper, grill, hood and windshield. I set off the air bags and disabled the car. On the bike, I wound up tearing the seat off with my legs. I also broke the handle bars with my pelvis and tore off the front fairing and windshield. As I was flying through the air I glanced off the windshield and landed about 30 feet from the car, unconscious and busted up bad. I don't remember any of that day and my brain has blocked several weeks around that time. As far as what happened to me, the list is as follows: Broken pelvis both in half and the left leg socket is broken, cracked the right leg socket and broke my tail bone loose, I broke 4 ribs and punctured my right lung, even with a helmet, I had 3 brain bleeds and a concusion, I broke a bone in my left wrist and have tendon damage in my left hand and forearm, there is also nerve damage in my left leg and I have trouble movimg my left foot, I seperated the A/C joint in my right shoulder and have pain in the rotator cuff of my left shoulder, this doesn't even include the soft tissue damage. Then while in the hospital, I developed a blood clot and had to have a filter put into the main vein against my spine just below the kidneys. I have been through more than 9 hours of surgery and now in physicical therapy. This is what I can piece together. I may never really know what happened. As for the bike, the insurance company totaled it.
  12. In the hospital for 6 weeks, ICU for 22 days, and still doing therapy 3 times a week to learn how to walk again. There was no summer as I spent it laying in hospitals. IT REALLY SUCKED!!!
  13. After the install were there any issues with the steering linkage or allignment? Where did you get the kit from and if I may ask, how much was it? I was planning to have this done by now but life has once again thrown a curve ball my way. I am still planning to do this soon though. We have the same bumpers. I really don't care for them all that much. They were on when I bought. Watch the bolts for the rear, they tend to strip and the bolt will pull through the nut if you try to pull from the bumper.
  14. I am looking for a 2" lift kit for my 07 Sportsman 500 HO. Any ones to stay away from? From looking at the few that are avaluable, they look very much the same. Any good or bad feed back? Thanks, Ken
  15. Once you take the belt cover off, check the clutches for wear. Do a good visual check for worn/broken parts.

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