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  2. nice video wylde 1 i've been there before lol
  3. good morning everyone!!! it's been a while since i've been on. hope everyone had a good christmas and new years.
  4. i started out on an 86 polaris trail boss 250 that i got for christmas when i was 16. i pushed it home more than i rode it i think. but i had one to ride so it was fun anyway. went from that to a suzuki 500 quadracer 4x4. then i bought my warrior and now i graduated to bigger and better things with my 700 raptor.
  5. i m glad to hear your ok mario . i hope everyone else is ok too. i feel bad for the people on the coast.
  6. can ams are nice and have lots of power but i think that the RZRs will still be on top.
  7. welcome to QC!! You defineately made a better trade for the scrambler. You can do more with them and have a lot more fun.
  8. Welcome to QC !!! One great thing about ATVING is you can ride year round.
  9. a warrior is a great quad for trail riding. If you can get it running good keep it. I had one for 5 years and it went anywhere i wanted to. The rear caliper on the one i had never worked either. I ran mine with just the front brakes. The slides are probably froze up. I have a 350 raptor for my step son and his did the same thing. Replaced the slide on it for $60. And if your warrior runs good without the air filter try cleaning it or just get a new one. They are only around $30 to $40.
  10. I would clean the Carb really good then see if it needs adjusted.
  11. Good morning QC!!! Im off to Shinglehouse , PA for another week of work.
  12. i dont race i just trail ride. the wiseco kit says it has the same specs as the factory kit does. im going to do a little more research on it. thanks for the help guys. much apprieciated.
  13. well i thought it just needed adjusted and now it wont even engage so it must be the clutch. the last poker run must have really don it in. it was really wet and muddy. towards the end it started acting up went i let the clutch out it would shut the engine off. it must have finally went all the way. so what kind of clutch kit do you recommend. i found a wiseco kit for $89 and an EBC for $99. barrnett and hinson are almost $200 . just wondering if they were worth it or if the cheaper kits were ok.

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