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  1. Ok thanks very much! I also have had people tell me it's running lean but I looked at the spark plug and it's black, it isn't white
  2. Hi I have the same problem, my valves tick but are in spec, I put them into spec today and started it to let it idle and about a minute later I turned it off, the pipe was realy hot, like crazy. Maybe it should have been and I'm an idiot but I'm pretty sure it was a little too hot for only running for a minute, I couldn't even touch the header for a second. Please help me out!
  3. Cool, thank you all so much. I'm sure as soon as I get the money to fix these problems, something else will go wrong!! Lol. Just as an opinion question, do you think that a warrior is a good quad to keep? Or am I better off selling it and buying another quad? I do mostly trail riding, but every now and then I go for a ride through the streets, just to see people's expressions when I pass them lol
  4. I took the carburetor apart and sprayed it down with an entire can of carb clean, I scrubbed it, used wire brushes in the jets, it's real clean. I have heard soaking it in kerosene or diesel fuel works very good. Has anybody heard that? Also my rear brake caliper is now messed up. Figures. It grinds on the rear disk and sometimes just rubs it. Sorry for all of the questions, just new to warriors and this one seems to have every problem in the book.
  5. I cleaned the carburetor and it didn't do anything, and then for some reason I decided to take off the airbox cover and all of the sudden it worked, it ran like a champ as long as it was on the first level of choke, as soon as it off choke it dies, any other pointers?
  6. Thank you for such quick replies, ill clean the carburetor today and try again. My friend said its possible that the idle is just too low. Could he be right?
  7. Hello everyone, this is my first time posting to any forum, so I appreciate the help. I just got a warrior 350, and the starter is shot, but I wanted to ride so I tried pop starting it. Yesterday it pop started, and now today it catches when I pop it into second gear and give it full throttle. But as soon as I pull in the clutch or let off the gas it dies. Any ideas? Thanks, Jared

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