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  1. hi. it's been a while. ordered a new starter from ebay. when it comes, we'll install it. hopefully that was all it was. thanks for everyones' input. jennie
  2. when we try to start it via the starter, as apposed to the pull start, it seems to be making a click/thunk sort of noise coming from around the battery. any ideas on that? and thanks for the advice on the clutch. i'll be sure to check up on that. it was actually less than a year that i replaced the belt, and that seems like a fairly short life span for that belt. thanks. -rick (the son of jennie)
  3. thanks for the input. similar advice as the repair manual, so now i just need to do it! jennie
  4. purchaced 99 or 00 polaris xplorer 400 used a couple of years ago. recently, electric start stopped working, but pull start is fine. we all use it for property chores and my son rides a bit for fun. problem is, i can't pull start it. i do have the repair manual, but i thought i'd connect with other riders on this issue too. how do i tell if it's a starter or some other problem. also, beginning to skip/buck as i accelerate, especially up hill. engine running smoothly, maybe a belt issue? how often does the drive belt need replacing. my son and i did it once a year and a half ago or so. thanks.

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