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2" lift kit for Sportsman 500

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I am looking for a 2" lift kit for my 07 Sportsman 500 HO. Any ones to stay away from? From looking at the few that are avaluable, they look very much the same. Any good or bad feed back? Thanks, Ken

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highlifter makes the 2 inch lift kits eh idk i think its a bit to much for stock axles really wears the boots down..and puts a sharp angle on the axles

For your polaris the lift kit will only lift the back. I think the kit comes with spring spacers for the front because they dont sell lifts for the mcpherson strut.

I have the moose industries lift kit on my atv. Very simple design very strong and incredibly easy to install and is much cheaper. But its a 1 or 1.5 inch lift instead of 2 inch lift

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I just put a ez install lift on my 2009 500, it was pretty easy...and it came out pretty nice....only sits a inch higher in the back.....i'm putting 26 ITP wheels and zilla's on it soon...Muddie49




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After the install were there any issues with the steering linkage or allignment? Where did you get the kit from and if I may ask, how much was it? I was planning to have this done by now but life has once again thrown a curve ball my way. I am still planning to do this soon though.

We have the same bumpers. I really don't care for them all that much. They were on when I bought. Watch the bolts for the rear, they tend to strip and the bolt will pull through the nut if you try to pull from the bumper.

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Nice quad, came out good! Have you ridden it yet with it lifted?

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Thanks fellers....i bought the kit from Super ATV...it costs les then 65.00...it was easy to install and i did take the fenders off in the front and use an extra floor jack to keep the axles from sliding out...it took me about 2 hrs...i have had no front end problems at all...the ride was alittle stiffer, but only felt this running it on blacktop or cement...off road in the fields and trails and Mud it felt fine...i am going to be running 26 inch Zillas Radials, i'm told Radials cover more of the ground and steer better also ITP ss108 wheels soon....as for the bumpers you do have to watch stripping the bolts....i torque them on with a torque wrench...


I had to take the front apart only cause ,i could'nt see the shock towers..some guys leave them on and do them....


I wanted to go alittle higher, but did'nt want to put alot of stress on the axles....so a 2 inch lift and 26 inch Radials should ride like a dream on the trails....MUDDIE49

Edited by MUDDIE49

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Well....i installed the ITP 14 inch wheels and the 26 inch Zillas...and it looks like this,it came out nice....MUDDIE49





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