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  2. Has anybody used a normal car 12 volt coil on your bike and did it work ok?
  3. I got another after market coil today plugged it in turned the ignition on pressed the start button.......poof one destroyed coil,time to re-asses.
  4. well I have decided to get a heli coil and see if I can get this bitch going,this maybe a silly question but besides the mounting and as long as they have 2 pins are all coils the same for quad bikes?
  5. Yes you are right but this bike has been nothing but trouble for me since i got it just 6 months ago and it has tested me to much,my own fault for not checking it out properly before buying.:-)
  6. Thanks oxi but i think i found the real problem the spark plug hole thread is stripped, and as i have working on this i have found a lot of bolts that have been stripped so i think its time to scrap this lemon and spend a bit of money and get a good one.
  7. Yea plenty of fuel, I got a mate to have a look and he said there is not enough spark and what spark there is is irratic so monday I will go out and get a coil and hopefully that will fix it.
  8. The sparks is not brillant blue,its more bright white.
  9. I checked the timing today and it looks ok so now I am stumped.Any ideas would much appreciated. Steve
  10. Hi guys my bayou just stopped going the other day,I put a new plug in but still did not go,then all a sudden it went so I used it for about 30 minutes and it ran perfect.Now it will not start again,I have been trying for the last 2 days.I have checked all the electrics,it has plenty of spark,plenty of fuel,the valve clearances are good.It turns over fine just will not fire.Tomorrow i am goint to check the set up timing(i think thats what is called)If thats not it there is only compression left as I don,t have a tester I put my finger over the plug hole and it popped my finger so there is copmresion there maybe not enough though. steve.
  11. Hi guys,I have a kawasaki klf300 bayou which I use around my 20 acre bush property just outside off Ballarat in victoria.Its a strong bike but it does have issues which I will post in another section. Steve.

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