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  2. That's what life is for... family, friends and memories
  3. I think it would be nice to resurrect this. I could see having a few rules surrounding it such as . Profile Photo (not necessarily of the poster, i'd scare mice out of cheese factories) . Profile setup would show their ATV I like seeing what others have for machines. Now I must get working on my photos and profile after the vacation.
  4. Now 250, blowing the competition out of the water... if there is competition.
  5. Good morning, it's hump day. 4 days till we take off for Hawaii and daughters wedding. I'm hoping to rent an ATV there so i can claim riding there.
  6. Looks like you can cast a vote daily. Just did it again. Lets take over #1 spot eh.
  7. I just wear the right safety gear for the sport I participate in. I've seen the effects of a simple fall on asphalt on a motorcycle helmet ... not doing that to my noggin.
  8. So after 1000+ miles how do you feel about the SxS? Good and bad? I looked at them and thought that it was a bumpier ride than the quad. Just my take using it on a demo trail. Like to hear other thoughts.
  9. Well said, the more info given and in greater detail will help get folks to give proper answers. Thanks.

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