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  1. Have you checked the valve adjustment . My 2008 did the same thing when I bought it brand new. Brought it back . The said it was old gas . Same problem . Would only start with choke on even when warmed up . It would idle then back fire and stall. Adjusted valves . (To tight ) . Don’t need choke to start and idles fine . Worth checking .
  2. if it ran out of oil then your looking at a new engine. everything inside is most likely junk. but for 300 bucks go for it . is the rest of the machine in good shape ?
  3. sure as long as it's atv oil. keep checking oil level before every ride. some peoples machines have started burning oil with synthetic oil and some have no problems at all. good luck
  4. look at the oil. make sure he didn't sink it in water.
  5. you need to check oil for water. check both diff for water also. you should have pulled spark plug before turning engine over. if water got in the cyl you could have bent a connecting rod. if oil is milky do not run engine. water in oil = no oil pressure. you are pumping water thru engine not oil. water is heavier than oil so it is at the very bottom of engine. drain oil and change filter till oil is not milky. you might have to clean clutch and re grease.
  6. x2 on above thread. the less damage you do to Private property the more likely the owner will let you ride thru there land. respect property owners land and stay on marked trails. join and support your local atv clubs. it's very cheap and they are the one's who maintain and get permission for the trails that you ride.
  7. do you have juice coming out of regulator? power goes from stator to regulator to ignition then to coil. do you have voltage 12 volts to coil ?
  8. when was the last time you rode it before this happened ? is the gas old ? have you changed plug since 2001 ?
  9. if your batt is dead nothing electrical is going to work . you said fill batt up with water. how low was it? you should put distilled water in battery not reg water. also if it was really low the battery is probably junk. try to charge batt with your charger. install batt put voltmeter on batt and try to start. if voltage drops below 10 volts battery is junk. pull start and see if voltage goes up to 13-14 volts when you race up engine. if so voltage regulator is good. buy new batt and go riding. good luck and let us know what you find.
  10. the pilot screw is the high mixture screw. this is for full speed. does not effect idle. on handle bar were the cable connects to throttle there should be an adjustment.
  11. put a volt meter on batt race up motor and see if voltage goes up to 13-14 volts. if so regulator is OK. how is the batt ? does it start with batt or do you have to pull start it. if it starts with batt check fuses and connections.
  12. how about throttle cable adjustment ? idle adjustment? does it run good otherwise ?
  13. how did you get it home if it was in gear?
  14. walmart sells these also. thats where i got mine.

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