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  1. I have a 91 300 fourtrax, I only need choke on very cold starts, and then only for about 10 seconds...but they're all different!
  2. what did you all clean? sounds to me like your carb jets and/or fuel filter need to be cleaned...
  3. Thanks for the reply! I had talked to a guy locally who used to sell Polaris out of his garage, and he had 1 of these for his personal machine. he told me that he actually kept a stock of voltage regulators on a shelf just for this. he went through 4 regulators in is personal machine in the time that he owned it. I was luckier..I ended up finding that the wires right off the battery were so corroded that they almost crumbled apart when stripped, in addition to a totally shot battery. after fixing the wires and replacing the battery the only problem I have now is 3 bulbs that are burnt, otherwise all is good! thanks to all for your replies! been meaning to get back on here to update.
  4. ok, battery was very low.yea it was distilled water I filled it with. Charged it for a little over 24 hours, then it sat unhooked for about 12 hours, and had only about 5 volts when I checked it, so yea, battery is bad.But..then I hooked up a good one from another machine.Then the electric start worked, but nothing else electrical worked.No lights, no 4x4, no override, and no winch...but I'm sure the winch is just a bad switch, because it is a stand alone system, all the wires have continuity at each side of the switch, and the winch will run off of jumper cables hooked right to it. But the rest of it...? All the fuses and a circuit beaker are all good.Usually I'd buy the repair manual, but I don't plan on having this one around for long thanks for all the help!
  5. has to be pull started now. last night I took the batt. out, filled it back up with water and put it on the charger..we'll see what happens with that tonight...I guess I should have covered that first before asking, especially since the winch doesn't even work, and I shouldn't need the regulator for that, right? It should just work off the batt...
  6. Hello! I just bought a 94 sportsman 400 from a friend, and it runs great, but absolutely nothing electrical works on it..I'm suspecting the voltage regulator. Does anyone know how to test them on this model, or have a link to a repair manual? Thanks for any help you can give!!
  7. oops! phone's messin up..didn't think that 1st reply went through.
  8. that sounds like exactly what i'm looking for! I'll check it out as soon as I can as I'm on my phone now and can't get .pdf's..thanks for the reply and I'll let you know asap it it helps and click ya a thanks! BTW- found out it is an '01, but that shouldn't matter..! Anybody think $600 as it sits sounds like a good deal for this so far? All the plastic is good, I know this guy well and he doesn't beat his stuff, always had regular oil changes (Amsoil)...it just has this elec. problem... Matt
  9. that sounds like exactly what i'm lookin for..i'll let you know if it helps. Thanks!!
  10. My buddy has a 2000 (i believe..could be a 99 or 01, i'll find out for sure) big bear 400 that had a bad starter. In the process of figuring that out, they jumped it off a car trying to start it, then found the starter was bad. Replaced it, then found that there was no spark. We all assume that something fried from jumping off the car's batt., so he brought it to a local shop who proceeded to throw parts at it all willy nilly like. According to my buddy almost all elec. components have been changed exept for CDI and voltage regulator. New stator, coil, wire harness, and probably others that aren't coming to mind... After getting these new parts on there is now a very faint spark, but not enough to make it fire.. He has since bought a newer machine off his parents, and offered to sell it to me at a screamin deal... Should I buy it? A new CDI is in the $400 range, but I'd be willing to pay for it if this is the problem...I just don't wanna be throwin parts at it like him. Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated!!

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