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  1. He claims he didnt sink it, i was wrong there is NO water in the oil or gas pan, the seat is torn up because of his cat (so he says) and I have a picture but not to sure how to put it on here =\
  2. Cause there is only 1/4 of an inch left on it
  3. I think what has happend is he took of the stock tires and just put on some old tires, or the spedometer is messed up
  4. If that doesnt work, id just bring it to a mechanic
  5. Just let it sit for a couple days change the oil after that and it should be good after that
  6. Not that big if a deal but the seat is torn up too
  7. You did everything right, but next time, get a winch
  8. Heyy i am new to the atv buying thing so can you guys help me out. I Found an old 95 kodiak 400 with 900 kms on it, body is in very good condition, no cracks, not faded, and everything works... On the body. The engine is a different story... It needs a new starter, battery and the tires are bald. Water might be in the gas tank. The atv is $800 good body condition. So yes or no? Anything will help thanks

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