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  2. well.. I dug into the whole starter gear/sprocket thing and found out that the second sprocket in there is MISSING and the piece of metal rod it sits on is missing also and broke. guy who sold it to me was a LIAR. well merry Christmas.. hope its better than mine :aargh::aargh:
  3. ohh geeeeez... great! I bet that's whats wrong considering I wont work even when I bridge the solenoid. alllrighty I will look into that. then I will email Suzuki that they need new engineers haha! thank you for all your help!
  4. yeah I did take the starter off and put the nut coming out of it on the positive and grounded it out with a screwdriver directly to the battery and It spun fast. however I believe the gear/socket you are speaking off does not turn freely. if I understand you correctly its what the starter basically plugs into with its teeth. sooo is there a way to free this up?
  5. all night? I did it for 2-3 hours that's what the guy at napa had told me I believe. the battery reads 12.4 volts. should I go longer?
  6. i don't think so.. i bought a brand new battery and new acid.. i just don't know what else to do..
  7. got more acid filled it. and stillllll no start.. new starter,new battery, solenoid clicks. could it be the solenoid? I bridged it and still nothing happened..
  8. I took the battery to get tested and they said it was dead. but I actually just bought a brand new starter so I did test it and it is good. but with my luck they didn't give me enough battery acid so hopefully it will start when I get more acid
  9. ok so I charged it and when I went to start it the ring terminal on the nut that is on the starter started smoking right where it is crimped. and it didn't start.. do I need to re splice it and crimp it again?
  10. the battery had previously been running my friends 250 cc Honda quad the day before mine is a 500cc however
  11. ok.. I swapped out a battery that was 11.80 volts and still got nothing but the fast click from the solenoid..
  12. ok.. soo I checked the battery and it reads 11.40 on a 20v meter so I took the starter off and grounded it to the frame and it turned over but sounded rather weak to me. soooo I hooked it back up and used the solenoid ground this time and got nothing..... soo then I bridged to solenoid and stillll nothing. now my solenoid wont even click......... then I went on a rage and threw a few wrenches and came and typed this. haha thanks for all your help so far man!
  13. ok. I cleaned all the terminal on the battery, solenoid, and starter and applied grease to them all.. and I loosened a screw on the solenoid and when I tried to starter it the solenoid only clicks once now. I used a test light and when I touch the - side its a dim light on the solenoid. I also charged the battery. still it wont even turn over. sooooo I am lostttt!!! haha hellllp!!

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