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  1. and thats why ill never go to new york..................with out a real heavy duty brush guard on the truck lol
  2. Thanks, i got the wheeler, plow set up, winch to raise plow and a set of chains with the extra traction studs for $600 when i bought it, so chains im planning on, good toknow theres no suzuki 125 bent drive shaft issue or somthing like that like my old wheeler had.
  3. Just checking up, now that im getting to giving the new "to me" 93 moto4 350 2wd a tune up. Are there any weak points to really keep an eye on for failure? Never had a shaft driven quad before. On a side note, my yamaha came with a plow which i fully plan to use this winter, are there any dos and donts for plows with this quad? gears to avoid? etc? obviously letting your bike warm up etc.
  4. Currently living in iowa for work but do alot of hunting/ fishing in my home state of MN still. I have owned an old 83 or 84 suzuki 125 quad, and an 86 honda Fourtrax quad in the past. Both a bit small but they were fun for what they were. Recently getting back in to four wheelers and got my hands on a 93 Yamaha moto4 350. Looks like a great forum, thanks for the info

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