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  2. I have the motor off the frame. Now I need to know where to start?
  3. My quad still starts up and sounds good but the back tires are locked up and the shift foot lever won't move. Is it stuck in gear? I'm taking the motor off the frame as we speak.. Need help going through the motor to see what I'm looking for.
  4. I think I'm going to trade for a 89 Honda foreman 350 4wd. Good idea?
  5. I'm young and learning lol don't know to much but always willing to watch or listen and learn.
  6. My warrior has another shifter for that as well. Should I get a direct shifter?
  7. Sorry I'm on my phone. When I use the reverse lever the reverse light comes on. Maybe a shift fork? But if it was a shift fork would it even go into reverse that easy?
  8. Yea I've tried that. Its not wanting to move at all. Its stuck in a gear I'm guessing because the neutral light isn't on. But I can put the use the reverse lever and the red light comes on for that.
  9. I'm new to this forum but really need the help. I have a 01 warrior 350 that will not shift. The foot shifter will not move and the back tires are locked up. Any idea's?

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