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  2. Ok, so I bought this atv, and after getting it home and running it for a while an engine noise developed. It was not constant but very annoying. After reading several post I thought it was timing chain tensioner and decided to tackle the job. I have the head off and timing chain exposed, but it seems good and tight. One area of concern I have, is to the right of the lobes is some piece of the cam shaft that seems to have lots of slack in it. It might be called the decompression cam. If so, is this thing supposed to be able to rattle around? If not, that may be my problem. Are there any clips or something of the sort that are supposed to lock it in tightly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im no mechanic but can follow directions.
  3. Im sorry. I didnt explain this part..... Ours has a yoke coming out, going to the U Joints. There is no boot surrounding the joint. Apparently the 2002 was changed mid way through the production year.... pre 5-1-02 and post 5-1-02. Thank you though.
  4. Thank you for your response. I saw that on the service manual that there are Cir-Clips, but I have looked every which direction and dont see one. According to the manual, it appears to be placed on the inside of the diff, which doesnt make much sense. I know that theyre not, but again, I cant see any.
  5. I bought a 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 twin 4x4. after purchasing it, i realized there was quite a bit of slack where the axles go into the front gearbox. Dont know if this normal or how to get the old axles out of the front gearbox. Would be thankful for any help.
  6. Im new here, so maybe Im missing something. When I click on the manual link for the 03 Honda Rincon 650, it is asking me for a password to unlock it. Any idea why?

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