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  2. I have been rebuilding this ATV for about a week and a half now. I rebuilt the carb, changed the air filter, and cleaned out just about everything I could think to clean. I tried starting it last night and the starter button would not work, so I pulled out the start button and saw that the wires were useless. I finally got to a point where I was able to hot wire it and get the engine to turn. The engine turns, but will not fire. It is clearly a problem with not getting spark or not getting fuel. I just replaced the spark plug and battery. At this point, I am a little stuck as to what approach to take. Im thinking I need to put starter fluid in to see if I can get it to turn over with that and if it does, I need to work on the fuel system. Has anyone worked on this quad before who has any experience or advice to share? I am an engineering student at Clemson and this is a summer project for me to rebuild an ATV instead of buying a new one. I am ready to learn! Thanks!

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