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  2. So just to follow up on what I did as a short-cut which could be a life-saver in the field. The cooling fan runs through a power supply that terminates in a white and black, and red and black wire behind the radiator, and attached to the left side frame, above the front/left tire. The harness then travels bi-directionally, passing through the sensor which is located on the lower left side of the radiator. This sensor was bad in my case. I didn't have a replacement in the field so I simply unplugged the sensors power supply, unplugged the fan from the sensor harness, and plugged the fan directly into the power supply for the cooling system. This got me the nearly 20 miles I needed to get me out of the woods and will work until I receive a new sensor. The fan now runs as long as the key switch is turned on. No overheating problems since I did this.
  3. I am going crazy trying to figure this one out. Recently snorkeled 700efi is overheating but I am inclined to think that the problem is not related to the snorkeling. My fan is no longer coming on. I checked the fuse and also the diode marked fan in the fuse box and found both to be OK. I checked the fan to make sure that it is working under normal conditions so I powered it directly from a battery and it works fine. I checked the continuity of the sensor and it works as well. Hooking a positive from an outside battery source to it. Once the temp got high enough the fan came on. I downloaded the wiring diagram from the forum and it indicates a diode in-line with the ground. Does anyone have experience with this?

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