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  2. Still tinkering. I pulled the connection to the ignition under gas tank and found I have no power going to ignition......... I started back at battery and noticed I have a connection missing. Can anyone tell me where the other half of this red wire goes. See pic again thanks in advance,
  3. hi oxidized_black. I haven't checked power to it. I pulled all the fuses as soon as I got it to the house. the "light fuse was blown". I traced the green/red wire over the drivers side by the foot area. From the research i did I think it has something to do with tricking the atv into neutral if it is grounded. I actualy do have spark. The atv will actually crank if you arc cylonoid. (with fuses back in). It's as if the ignition key doesnt allow the lights/neutral to come on, but i assume it has to have power as it will crank. Maybe the ignition has power to all 4 wire? I have a manual, but I'm no electrician.... I just don't know where they go. It could be possible that the tie end with the green/red and brown wire that i already re-wired?
  4. hello everyone. I purchased a second hand honda foreman 450. I thought I found a diamond int he rough, but it appears to be a rough diamond. haha. My problem is related to two wires under the right rear fender above the tire (see pic). The wires are cut, and I'm unsure where they go. One wire appears to be yellow with a red stripe, the second appears to be a brownish color....... originally I had a green with red stripe wire, and grey wire cut, but I located those and re-wired them. Any help would be appreciated...... I hope this is related, but the iginition switch (neutral light/lights) don't seem to respond. I can crank the quad by arking the cylanoid, but i assume it has something to do with these wires. any help is appreciated. I just need to know where the wires go.
  5. Solved: Blue wire that runs down the frame well was cut.
  6. If your getting spark (as gears stated). I'd look at the carb. If I'm not mistake it has 2 jets. One is an idle jet, the other is the main jet. More than likely they are clogged as discolered/bad gas may have trash etc in it. I placed an inline fuel filter in my quad to catch debris and things.
  7. Hello everyone. I have a yamaha breeze that I am having some trouble with. I have a fully charged battery, but when I turn the key I don't get in dash lights (neutral) or headlights... I checked the fuse above the right side tire, and found that it was good. When I shift the quad into reverse, the "reverse light" illuminates, but when I go back to neutral I get nothing. Any help on where to start would be appreciated. I do have a tester, just need to know where to start. Thanks.

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