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  2. Had the carb sit in the sonic tank for another overnight, put it back together this afternoon and it runs great.
  3. All vitals are good and still runs like s#!t
  4. Thank you I will look at all that today after work.
  5. Same here, tired of wasting money. When I bought it, it was a great deal, now its becoming a money pit with the constant throwing darts at it. I will post it on every forum I can find if I ever figure it out.
  6. Im at my wits end with this quad. Ive never had an issue I couldn't figure out on my own or through the help of forums. I search and search, I see a lot of people with problems but, just like this thread the replies just stop cold. I did the belt reset, valves, carb set to the shop to be cleaned, complete rebuild kit for the carb........
  7. I cant believe they replies stopped after the video??? My bike is doing the exact same thing. Im about to buy a new carb. But sure would love to know if and how you fixed it.

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