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  2. Think before you go swamping with a belt drive or you, ll sit till it dries!
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    06 King Quad timing

    Thanks for the bits and peices of info. Fired this 06 with 5-6k and Never serviced! Timing had jumped 6 teeth on the intake, due to no 0 psi oil pressure to keep the cam chain tensioner tight enough to prevent cam from spinning. Added oil stripped the front end and checked the timing notches repeatedly. Never lined up parallel 6 teeth off to realignment with exhaust valve cam. Reset to parallel bolted intake cam shaft with exhaust cam, installed spark plug wire and vawalla! It friggin runs, smokes bad but I would too after 5k miles and never check a service manual or oil or maintenance schedule. My problem now but She is mine and running! Hats off to the forum I got a skeeter beater here in Maine! dblR Have a great day in the woods!