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  2. Just picked up a 2004 Sportsman 600. Was running great. After a day of tearing up the yard, it will not staying idling unless I am giving it a bit of gas. I looked for the idle adjustment screw but it was not where the manual illustrated it. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Looking forward to the new lifestyle. Bought my son a Blaster a couple of weeks ago. He was bored riding by himself so I picked up a 2004 Sportsman 600. Wow!! What a blast. Tore up the backyard yesterday playing cops and robbers. Got a few new paintball welts today. I am sending out a warning to all ATV riders in Wisconsin. We are new. And are we excited!!! Living the good life has no end.
  4. My 2004 Sportsman 600 wont idle. Runs great as long as I giving it gas. Any help would be appreciate.

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