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    Life Next to the Missouri River

    Thanks! She's a fun ride!
  2. TheLeprochaun

    Life Next to the Missouri River

    I am a college student who owns a Kawasaki KFX450r and a Kawasaki Bayou 300. Whenever I come home to visit, the first thing I do is take my hat off and shoes off and throw on my helmet, my riding shoes, start my quad, and go for a 3-4 hour ride along the river. She has kept me happy when times seemed gloomy and the scenery never fails to warm the heart.

    © Tyler Baxter

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    Kawasaki Bayou 300 Fuel Issue?

    Hello everyone! I would like to excuse myself in advance, as I am not very smart in mechanics... So, bear with me. Last year my girlfriend gave me a 1996 Kawasaki Bayou 300, as she was moving and fourwheelers werent allowed in city limits. Recently, I have run into a little problem. My fourwheeler will idle just fine for a bit, but whenever I give it any throttle, it will kill the motor or nearly kill it. Eventually, if it idles too long, the motor dies. Im not sure why its doing this. My dad thinks it is the fuel filter, but he also isnt familiar with small engines. When I start my fourwheeler, I generally let it idle for about 4-6 minutes. It also never has needed to be choked to be started really, just a little tap on the throttle. Im not sure what it is, and need opinions. Thanks!