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  2. Hi all hoping I can get some help from this outstanding forum I have a Polaris predator 90 it starts no problem shifts and runs in forward like a champ, when I shift into reverse it does not even feel like it shifts there is no clunk or noise and nothing happens upon acceleration and all ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, hoping I can get this fixed for my nephew thanks all in advance
  3. I guess i forgot to mention i would like to find a free one pdf file to down load but thanks I will use this if no other leads turn up , much appreciated
  4. Hello new to the forums Im hoping to find a service manual and parts manual for a 2005 polaris predator 90 and directions or help would be greatly appreciated thanks all
  5. Hello all this looks like an awesome site, I need some help it looks like thier are alot of helpful members here I hope that at some point I can also retun the help to other members, Im from colchester ontario canada I ride a Hoda TRX400ex, My wife drives a Honda 250 trx and we have a 2005 predator polaris 90 for the grand kids to share we ride mostly in and around houlghton lake, ST.helens and hatfield mccoy trail system in WV, anyways Im sure im going to like it here thanks all in advance

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