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  1. im new to the whole racing thing and of course im a girl, but where can i get into racing in AZ. we just moved and im not new to riding but the racing thing is a whole new thing to me. so if you have any ideas send them my way if you can. thanks. and im only like 14 so it needs to be like jr or teen races. thanks, Stephanie:laugh:
  2. I got mine because i ride a suzuki and everyone says that i was so cute when i first started riding a suzuki when i was five so it kind of just caught on and ive been riding suzukis ever since
  3. congrats thats totally awsome! =)Where dose your son race i was thinking about getting into it but i cant figure out when and where the races are
  4. hey whats up peaps like u totaly rock cuz ur like a newb (which means a newbie) like totaly awsome. chat with ya soon

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